Academic Program Assessment Committee (APAC)


The Academic Programs Assessment Committee (APAC) serves to support a process of continuous self-evaluation and improvement by providing assessment leadership for academic programs across the university in order to enhance student learning and development.

Each APAC member chairs a specific College Assessment Committee or oversees assessment functions in academic programs within the University. The Assistant Provost for Academic Assessment serves as an ex-officio member.

Committee Charge

  • Guide and support institution-wide assessment activities intended to enhance student learning and promote best practices;
  • Review program assessment plans and reports;
  • Identify opportunities and challenges associated with the university's overall efforts to advance assessment and institutional effectiveness;
  • Advise the Office of Academic Assessment with respect to training needs to advance and/or improve the University’s assessment processes; and
  • Update the office of Academic Assessment annually on the state of assessment in academic programs.

Meeting Schedule

The Academic Programs Assessment Committee will meet, at least, once a semester or as may be determined by the Committee Chair.