Appalachian Support for Specialized Education Training (ASSET)

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Teaching can be challenging and professional development does not always meet your needs if you are a busy teacher. The goal of the ASSET program is to share ideas to help you teach more effectively, and make math and literacy instruction more fun for your students and for you.

Radford University’s ASSET program provides self-paced, competency-based, online professional development to help rural teachers meet the needs of all students in today’s increasingly challenging classrooms.

Hands-On Simulations

simSchool Simulations

We have partnered with simSchool to create games and simulations that reflect the challenging range of students in your classrooms.

You will be able to practice using the strategies and tools you are learning about before you try them out in your own classroom. As you demonstrate mastery of these techniques, you will earn badges that you can share with your colleagues and your students!

Online to Fit your Life

Teacher with students

All ASSET training is online and self-paced. You can participate in professional development anytime and anywhere. Plus, you can work at a pace that best suits your busy life. We know you are working with a wide range of learning needs in your classrooms. And, who has time to dig through a wide range of practices in order to figure out what works? We do!

The ASSET team has hand-picked the most effective tools and resources from the Institute of Educational Sciences (IES) What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) practice guides.

Why Choose ASSET?


Online, Anytime, Anywhere

PD courses delivered online and designed so that you can access exactly what you need whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you!



Join an active online community of practice where you can share your great ideas, ask questions and celebrate your successes with other teachers in your building, your community, your state and beyond.



Built on strategies supported by by top educational researchers and vetted by the US Department of Education. More importantly, everything has been tested by real teachers in real classrooms with real students.



Competency-based education model allows learners to receive skill-based credits for quicker certification.

Compentency-Based Education Model

  • ASSET is aligned with the competency-based education (CBE) approach, which focuses on teaching specific job-related skills that are needed to perform a critical task in the workplace.
  • The CBE approach uses an online platform to deliver asynchronous, self-paced learning modules aligned with workplace competencies.
  • The innovative competency-based education model allows you to demonstrate mastery of competencies based on skills developed by your previous work experience.
  • This non-traditional teaching approach decouples learning from time-based models, such as a 14-week semester, and enables ASSET to empower educators in Appalachia with professional development and career-advancing skills.
  • Through gamification, ASSET applies game-design elements to improve learning and comprehension of materials.
  • Collaborative online environment encourages networking with experts and other teachers.


ASSET partners with leaders within the education system. Our partners are experts within their fields and have track records of improving educator retention, increasing pass rates on licensure assessments, increasing teaching knowledge, bolstering teacher recruitment and effectively evaluating education programs.

By investing in ASSET, you are partnering with a leader within specialized education training.

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