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What is IMPACT?

The Vinod Chachra IMPACT Lab at Radford University is delivering online, self-paced, competency-based education (CBE) in high-demand workforce areas throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and several neighboring states. Our CBE approach focuses on teaching specific job-related skills needed to complete a critical task within the workplace. We use a business-to-business approach to sign strategic partnerships with companies and organizations who nominate the employees that they think are best qualified to succeed, and whose role in the respective organization would most benefit from the training. IMPACT is built upon Radford University's established and award-winning programs. It employs research-based practices from cognitive science, analytics, simulation-based learning and gamification in every aspect of its training to ensure it is challenging, highly effective and engaging.

We are currently focused on four main workforce development areas: cybersecurity, geospatial intelligence, data science, and K-12 education.

What is the Competency-Based Education Model?

  • The competency-based education (CBE) approach focuses on teaching specific job-related skills that are needed to perform a critical task in the workplace.
  • The CBE approach uses an online platform to deliver asynchronous, self-paced learning modules aligned with workplace competencies.
  • The innovative competency-based education model allows you to demonstrate mastery of competencies based on skills developed by your previous work experience.
  • This non-traditional teaching approach decouples learning from time-based models, such as a 14-week semester, and enables IMPACT to empower working adults with career-advancing skills.



Employer Partners

By investing in IMPACT, partners benefit from highly-qualified employees taught by some of the university’s top faculty. IMPACT’s current partners range from public and private companies and government localities to companies founded and owned by Radford University’s accomplished alumni.