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Radford University serves the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation through a wide range of academic, cultural, human services, and research programs. Radford University offers careers that align to our vision, mission and core valuesThe success of our highly appraised talent acquisition process determines the success of our most valued resource, our employees. 


Radford University and the Human Resource department is dedicated to providing eligible employees a wide variety of benefits.  From health insurance to retirement plans as well as providing professional growth opportunities, Radford and your HR team are here to help!  Review the Benefits page for more detailed information. 

Employment Types

Classified Staff  

A non-faculty, full-time salaried employee whose terms and conditions of employment are subject to the Virginia Personnel Act (Virginia Code  § 2.2-2900).  Classified positions are assigned to an Occupational Family and Career Group based on duties and responsibilities. 

Instructional Faculty

The members of the faculty who have responsibilities that include teaching and research as the majority of their duties.

Administrative & Professional Faculty (A/P Faculty)

Administrative faculty perform work directly related to management of the activities of the institution, department or subdivision. Incumbents in these positions exercise discretion and independent judgment and generally direct the work of others.

Qualifications for administrative faculty positions include:

  • Advanced degree or training and work experience at a level which equates to an advanced degree
  • Performance of duties and responsibilities associated with this category more than 50 percent of contractual time
  • Regular exercise of discretionary actions
  • In general, vice presidents, vice provosts, deans and their immediate staffs are designated as administrative faculty. Also, directors of major administrative units reporting to a vice president are categorized as administrative faculty.
  • Professional faculty require advanced learning and experience acquired by prolonged formal instruction and/or specialized work experience. This category is normally limited to librarians, counselors, extension agents, coaches, physicians, and other professional positions servicing education, outreach, research, athletic, medical, student affairs, and development functions or activities.

Qualifications for professional faculty positions include:

  • Advanced degree or training and work experience at a level that equates to an advanced degree
  • Performance of duties and responsibilities associated with this category more than 50 percent of contractual time
  • Regular exercise of professional discretion and judgment
  • Production of work that is intellectual and varied in character, not standardized


Wage employees receive pay for hours worked rather than a fixed salary. Wage employees are limited to working 1,500 hours per agency per year, which is calculated as the 365-day period beginning on the employee’s first day of employment; however, wage employees may be required to work 40 hours per week. The Manpower Control Act states wage employees are eligible to work an average of 29 hours/week from May 1 through April 30 each year.  Wage employees are normally hired to meet seasonal, temporary, part-time or casual workforce needs and are not covered by the Virginia Personnel Act. Wage employees do not receive state benefits except for worker’s compensation and leave without pay for military service while on active duty or the reserve, but do have access to certain Radford University benefits.

Adjunct Faculty

A person who teaches at the university on a limited, special, or provisional basis, but in the role of an adjunct, is not required to perform other regular duties of a faculty member (I.e. scholarly activity or service).  Adjunct faculty members are qualified individuals hired for limited or special teaching assignments, such as teaching particular courses or sections.  In their adjunct role, they have no duties other than teaching.  Adjunct faculty members teaching undergraduate-level courses hold either a doctoral or masters' degree with a concentration in the teaching discipline OR hold a masters' degree and has completed at least 18 graduate credit hours in the discipline.

Employment Terms


Salaried positions that are eligible for certain benefits.  Usually 40 hours per week. 


Some part-time positions are salaried and are less than 40 hours per week, but more than or equal to 20 hours per week.  Certain benefits are available for salaried, part-time positions.  Other part-time positions are considered wage positions with an hourly rate of pay and do not offer benefits.  Wage positions are considered part-time even if the person works 40 hours per week for 37 weeks employed because of the 1,500 hour per fiscal year limit. 

Regular funding

Positions with regular funding are usually state funded positions and have greater stability.

Restricted funding

Positions with restricted funding are normally contract or grant funded. They have an end date or the continuation of the position is based on the availability of funds.

Academic year

These positions usually work 9 months, 10 months, or 11 months during the academic year, from Aug. 10 through May 10, June 10, or July 10.

Calendar year

These positions work 12 months during the year.


These positions are for a specified amount of time.

Conditions of Employment


Criminal Background Investigation

All employment offers are contingent upon the satisfactory completion of a criminal background check that will be coordinated by the Human Resources Department.

If convictions are found, the Department of Human Resources will partner with the hiring department to determine if the conviction is sufficiently job-related or of such a nature to prevent the candidate from being employed with the university.

I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification

All new hires and rehires of Radford University are required to complete Section 1 of the Employment Eligibility Verification Form, Form I-9 on or before their first day of employment.  For Section 2 of the I-9, employees must provide valid supporting documentation on or before their third workday*.  Details of this requirement will be sent directly to the new hire to the email used during the application process following the employment offer being accepted

*Important Notice: Radford University encourages the new hire to present identification documents as soon after completing Section 1 of the form as possible, but must allow the new hire up to three days after beginning work to present identification documents from the list of acceptable documents that are found in the instructions for the I-9 form. If the new hire does not present acceptable identification documents by the end of three business days, Human Resources will work with the supervisor to pause such employment for up to 7 additional days for an employee to provide proper documentation. However, continued failure to provide such documentation to ensure completion of I-9 will result in employment termination.

Statement of Economic Interests

Some university positions have duties involving substantive responsibility for procurement, audit, investment, or other activities that could be subject to abuse or improper influence as a result of the personal economic interests of the employee. Candidates selected for hire into these positions are required to complete a Statement of Personal Economic Interests upon hire. Annual filing of the Statement of Personal Economic Interests and periodic training on the Conflict of Interest Act are required of employees in these positions.

Child Support Disclosure

All new employees are required by Virginia law to disclose whether they are subject to an income withholding order for child support. If an employee is subject to an income withholding order, the University is required to withhold wages according to the terms of the order.

Essential Personnel

Employees designated as essential personnel must report to work during authorized closings.

Official Transcripts

Radford University maintains files of official transcripts for all faculty.  Individuals in these positions will be asked to arrange to have official transcripts of all post-secondary work, bearing the seal of the Registrar of the institution, sent directly to the Department of Human Resources.

Driver's License/CDL Check

A driver's license/CDL check is required for all final candidates in a position that requires driving as part of their normal job duties. The job announcement will state if this is a condition of employment.

New River Valley Community

The New River Valley is situated between the Blue Ridge Mountains to the south, and the Appalachian Mountains to the north, and is home to the nation’s oldest river, the New River.   New River Valley includes the City of Radford, Pulaski County, Montgomery CountyFloyd County, and Giles County.  We have a strong heritage and pride embedded in our roots, historical and cultural attractions, and scenic vistas. The opportunities are endless as you discover our outdoor recreational activities, parks, music, arts, festivals, sporting events, and more. We invite you to come and explore the New River Valley and why our area was recently ranked the #2 best place to live in Virginia!

City of Radford

Located in the heart of Southwest Virginia’s New River Valley, our small city has been offering an attractive lifestyle for its residents since early settlers arrived in 1750. Nestled in a large bend in the New River, Radford covers approximately 9.63 square miles and is a diverse city full of commercial and recreational potential.  Radford’s small town quality offers some big city cultural and educational opportunities. Although located in an unspoiled area of low population density, Radford’s proximity to Interstate 81 (2 mi.) allows easy access to educational, commercial and industrial resources.

-Radford City Chamber of Commerce

Child & Dependent Care


Animal Care

Medical Care


Relocation Resources

Relocating yourself and your family to a new area is a huge life decision. Radford University has combined a suggested resource guide to assist in your transition.


Updated: June 15, 2021