Required Training

All Radford Employees must complete the State Mandated Training requirements as set forth by DHRM. The trainings are completed within the new employee orientation period of 30-90 days. Trainings are separated by employee type and are located in the Virginia Learning Center (VLC).

To complete your trainings, please select the link below that matches your employee type. After selecting the link you will be required to provide your VLC login ID (your State ID without the preceding zeros) and your password. If you do not know your login ID or password please follow the prompts to have your login ID emailed to you or to have your password reset. You can also visit Training Registration/Virginia Learning Center (VLC) for more logon instructions.

Training Employment Classification

Select your employment classification to see your required training:

In addition to the State Mandated Training requirements, you may be required to complete additional training that is specific to your job duties. Please consult with your Supervisor to discuss these needs.

We have reserved a computer lab for those who maybe not have regular access to a computer, who may need a bit more technical guidance or you may just need a quiet place. The reserved computer lab will have an instructor available to assist as well. Please contact for details.  

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Civility in the Workplace Training


Civility in the Workplace Policy training is now available. This training is required and intended for all Employees and Supervisors and/or Managers of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  This includes; Classified, A/P, T & R Faculty, 1500 Wage, and Part-Time.  This training is included in the New Employee Mandatory Training for all employees hired after January 2019.    

Instructions: The online training course is located in the Virginia Learning Center (VLC). The training curriculum consists of three mandatory items. All three must be completed to fulfill the training requirement.

  1. Online course created by DHRM titled: MVP HR Policy & Law - Civility in the Workplace.
  2. Online Training titled: RU-CIW-Receipt of Policy
  3. Online Document titled: RU-CIW-2.35-Policy Guide Document-Prohibited Conduct/behaviors

Select the link below to access the training:

Questions? Email

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Additional Trainings

OAG - Conflict of Interest Act Training

If you have been notified that your position at Radford University requires you to file an Annual Statement of Economic Interest (SOEI), this training is mandatory at least once every two years. Estimated course duration is 1 hour. Register here through the Virginia Learning Center (VLC).

Managing Virginia Program

The MVP is a comprehensive management development program sponsored by the Department of Human Resource Management for all Commonwealth supervisors and managers. To access any of the MVP program, click on MVP.

Topics include:

  • Conflict Management Skills                         
  • Valuing Differences
  • Self-Management
  • Fundamentals of EEO Law
  • Employee Selection Procedures
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Communication Skills

A Culture of Service; A Commitment of Excellent Service in Today’s Higher Education Environment

Join us in discussing how we can actualize a comprehensive environment of service provision for all that encompasses Radford University. Including topics such as; understanding what customer service really means, what role it plays in higher education and how “service” needs must adapt to the changing landscape of our audience, including generational differences.

Let us begin the movement together, assessing how we can merge processes, collaborate with departments and form best practices to build a culture of service.

Who should attend:  We encourage all employees to attend, especially those that deal with students directly.  Register through the Virginia Learning Center (VLC).

Technology Training Including:

  • Getting Started with Banner Admin Pages
  • Introduction to Banner Finance and eVA
  • Bright space by D2L
  • Computer Deployment
  • Microsoft Office and Windows

The Office of the Bursar Including:

  • Radford University Annual PCI DSS Training         
  • Required annual training for employees involved in handling payment cards and payment card transactions.
  • Funds handling  
  • Required training for ALL departments, offices, organizations, and persons handling funds and/or accepting payments in any form on behalf of the University at all campuses and locations at which University business is conducted.

Procurement and Contracts Training Including:

  • Request for Proposal
  • Delegated Procurement Authority

Office of Emergency Management Including:

  • Tornado and Winter Weather Preparedness

Environmental Health and Safety Training Including:

  • Van Training
  • Golf Cart Training

Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) Including:

  • Faculty Training and Development
  • Our Turn

Training & Organizational Development - Contact Information

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