Training Registration


Our Learning Management System, previously known as the Knowledge Center, is now the Commonwealth of Virginia Learning Center or VLC. Housed in this system is most of the Trainings for Virginia State employees as well as trainings from VDEM, DHRM, DOA, etc.  It contains training topics from safety to professional development to credit card procedures, and mandatory trainings just to name a few.

Classroom Training Sessions

All classroom sessions with open registrations will have available dates and times listed with the registration information in the VLC.  It is a requirement to register for most of our classroom trainings. This helps us to provide better materials as well as manage enrollment and give proper credit to attendees on their transcripts.

Online Training Sessions

As mentioned previously there are many different trainings in the VLC including online courses.  These can last anywhere from ten minutes to three hours. You will be given credit on your VLC transcript for any courses that you have completed. Please be sure to look at your TRANSCRIPT located on the top of your home page after you sign in.

How to Login to the VLC

Printable VLC Instructions [PDF]

If you are a new employee, you must be “Active” in all employment systems before you will have access to the VLCUsually, you are active in the system within five working days from orientation. 

Your Login ID is your State ID, without the first two zeros.

If you do not know your State ID please follow the below steps:

  1. Sign in to MyRU portal
  2. Select the Personal Info Icon
  3. Locate the Personal Information on the left side of the screen
  4. If you do not know your password, click forgot password. A new temporary password will be emailed to you within moments.

Upon signing in, the system should immediately ask you to select a new password. You will be using your temporary password again, so be sure to keep it until you have chosen your new permanent password.

How to Access a Course in VLC

  1. After Logging in, you will see your homepage. Near the top, is the option to search the Training Catalog.

  2. You may search for a course three ways:

    1.  For all of the classes listed in the HR training schedule, enter the Keyword Radford or RU

    2. You may also enter the title of the course you are looking for or

    3. If you have it, the Unique Identifier is the most direct way to access a course.

  3. If you are searching for the course, more than one may appear in the screen.  Select the course name.

  4. Select Access Item. (If this is a classroom course you will select ENROLL on the date/time/location you wish to attend).

  5.  A pop up window should appear with the training modules. Click on the course title link.

  6. The slides should now begin playing.

  7. Complete the course.

  8. After Completion and exiting, an option to View certificate will appear.

  9. You may save the certificate or print it for your records.