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To subscribe go to, and receive your copy of Member News directly.  You may review the November edition of Member News now.   Member News provides timely, up-to-date information regarding “all things VRS” of interest to members.  Topics in this edition include:

  1. How's Your Retirement Planning? Check Your Member Benefit Profile to Find Out
  2. Increase Your Money Management Skills – Visit myVRS Financial Wellness
  3. Protect Your Loved Ones With Optional Life Insurance Coverage
  4. Hybrid Retirement Plan Member News
    1. Use Voluntary Contributions to Increase Savings
    2. Try Smart Step for Savings
  5. New Employee? Take a Look at Your VRS Benefits
  6. If You Defer Retirement, What Happens to Your Benefits?
  7. FAQ: How Do I Roll Over Funds Into My 457 Account?

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Jan 29, 2018