October 2019 Newsletter

A/P and Classified Performance Evaluations Due on November 4, 2019

Completed performance evaluations for all A/P and Classified employees are due for review by Human Resources on November 4, 2019. The schedule for the various steps are as follows:

Step Owner

System Opens

Due Date

Employee Completes Self-Evaluation



Supervisor Completes Evaluation



Reviewer Approval



Meeting to Review with Employee



Employee Acknowledgement



Instructions, including quick sheets and videos, for completing the performance evaluation in SelectSuite are available on the Human Resources website. If you have additional questions, please contact Jenene Lewis at 540-831-7286 or Theresa Slaughter at 540-831-5582.  

Payroll Relocation

The Division of Finance and Administration is pleased to announce that effective Monday, October 21, 2019, the Payroll Department will be co-located with Human Resources at 314B Tyler Avenue.  This move will allow for more consolidated employee services. Human Resources and Payroll are available to assist Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

PeopleAdmin SelectSuite Update

In order to provide easier navigation for users, the PeopleAdmin SelectSuite menu in the top left-hand corner has undergone some naming changes with the latest software update. “Hire” and “Positions” have now changed to “Applicant Tracking System” and “Position Management” respectively, to be more descriptive of the module. Functionality of the modules did not change. Please contact your assigned Human Resources Consultant with any questions.

Health Benefits Premium Holiday for October 2019

As announced in the Governor’s May 3, 2019 letter to state employees, there will be a premium holiday for the month of October for those enrolled in the State Health Benefits Program (not including TRICARE Supplement enrollees). The premium holiday will also apply to retiree group participants (retirees, survivors, LTD participants) and Extended Coverage/COBRA participants. This means that there will be no employee/retiree or employer contribution due for one month, regardless of membership level. An additional communication will be sent to all employees by email, as well as a letter to be sent to the retiree group and COBRA participants.

  • Active state employees did not have a health insurance deduction reflected on the October 16, 2019 check date or the November 1, 2019 check date. 
  • For VRS retirees, there will be no health insurance deduction from the November 1, 2019 retirement check.
  • For direct bill participants which includes ORP retirees, VRS participants who do not have their health insurance premium deducted from their monthly retired pay, and extended coverage/COBRA participants, there will be no bill generated for the month of October.    

ORP-HE, TIAA, and DCP Representatives on Campus on October 30, 2019

Representatives from the VRS ORP-HE office, TIAA, and the DCP will be on campus on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 presenting information and fielding questions regarding the changes coming to the ORP-HE. The session will be held in the Hurlburt Combo Room from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Registration for the session is not required.

Changes to the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP-HE)  

Effective January 2020, participants will have a choice of two ORPHE providers for directing contributions to the plan: TIAA and DCP (record kept by ICMA-RC). Participants will select one of these two providers for new contributions during an extended open enrollment period, October 1, 2019 to November 15, 2019, with any changes becoming effective January 2020. Fidelity has been deselected as a provider option for ongoing contributions. New contributions will be directed to the provider that participants select during open enrollment. Participants will have the choice to retain their existing account balance with Fidelity or transfer to the new provider. Active Fidelity participants who do not select a provider during open enrollment will have their contributions moved to DCP (the default provider) beginning in January 2020. Further, the TIAA investment lineup will change, effective January 2020, as part of VRS’ efforts to reduce fees, enhance fee transparency and improve fund performance. Participants who select TIAA as a provider will be able to select new investments starting in early January 2020. Additional information is available on the ORPHE website.

HR Training

Civility in the Workplace Policy training is now available in the VLC. This training is required and intended for all Employees and Supervisors and/or Managers of the State of Virginia. This includes; Classified, A/P, T&R Faculty, 1500 Wage, and Part-Time employees. Check back with the Human Resources Training website for more details.

University Passenger Van or Golf/Utility Cart training must first successfully be completed before reserving a University passenger Van or Golf/Utility Cart. These training(s) are located in the VLC. To access the VLC, students, wage and part-time employees must request a VLC account by submitting a request through a VLC Help Desk Request. Please visit the Environmental Health and Safety website for complete instructions.  

Oct 18, 2019