February 2019 Newsletter

Important Notice for Supervisors of Wage Employees

The 2013 Amendment to the Manpower Control Program prohibits wage employees from working more than 1500 hours between May 1 and April 30. Supervisors of wage (hourly) employees are reminded to closely monitor hours worked by wage (hourly) employees throughout the work year defined as May 1 through April 30 of any given year. Regardless of the employees hire date he/she may not work more than 1500 hours during the designated work year. With the current wage work year winding down it is important that supervisors closely monitor scheduling to ensure their wage employees do not exceed 1500 hours. Once the employee works the maximum 1500 hours he/she must be prohibited from working until May 1, 2019. Exceptions will not be granted. Additionally, the employee is not permitted to work more hours than are budgeted for the position. Also be aware that if you have a wage employee who is also working in another hourly wage position the total cumulative hours of both positions may not exceed the 1500 hour maximum. Position supervisors will be held solely responsible if a wage employee exceeds 1500 hours worked in violation of the Manpower Control Act. Please refer to the FAQs for Work Hour Limitation for Wage Employees or contact Human Resources at 540-831-5008 if you have any questions or need additional guidance.

HR February Deadline Dates for Personnel Actions

Our goal is to assist the campus community by processing personnel actions in a timely manner to ensure prompt payment. All personnel actions for new hires, rehires, or paperwork affecting an employee’s pay should be received in Human Resources on or before the dates listed in the table below:

Employee Type

Pay Date

Pay Period Dates

Date Paperwork/ Personnel Actions should be received in HR

















Actions/paperwork received after the deadline dates will be processed on the next available pay date. REMINDER: Due to the volume of personnel actions, HR’s turnaround time for personnel action requests (PR40s or PeopleAdmin actions) is five (5) work days. New employees are not authorized to begin work until notification from HR has been sent to the departmental supervisor.

Please note the late submission of timesheets could also result in late payments.  Please visit the Payroll website for due dates.

Policy Change

DHRM Policies 1.80, Workplace Violence and Policy 2.30, Workplace Harassment have been superseded by a new policy. The new policy is DHRM Policy 2.35, Civility in the Workplace.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that agencies provide a welcoming, safe, and civil workplace for their employees, customers, clients, contract workers, volunteers, and other third parties and to increase awareness of all employees’ responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner that cultivates mutual respect, inclusion, and a healthy work environment. You can find the policy by clicking Policy 2.35, Civility in the Workplace.  Please read and familiarize yourself with this new policy.

OAG – Conflict of Interest Act Training  

If you were required to file a Statement of Economic Interest (SEOI) in January 2019, don’t forget to complete your Mandatory OAG - Conflict of Interest Act Training.

You can log into the training with your VLC Login ID (your state ID without the preceding zeros). Further VLC instructions can be found on the HR Training website.

VLC Help Desk Request

As a full time Radford University employee you are automatically provided access to the Virginia Learning Center or VLC. However, if you are a student, wage or part-time employee, you will need to request a VLC account. In addition, if you are having difficulties logging on, accessing training or any other VLC questions, you can now submit an online request for assistance through a VLC Help Desk Request. Please visit the Training Registration/Virginia Learning Center (VLC) link to access the VLC Help Desk Request.

PeopleAdmin SelectSuite Training

New Employee/Beginner. This course will be offered to all new employees and anyone who has never used the PeopleAdmin system before. This is a prerequisite for the Intermediate course PeopleAdmin training. It is a basic skills course (logon, user groups, navigation, etc.) and it will be in an online format. You will be able to attend while remaining in your own space by simply signing onto the course. A desktop, laptop or mobile device is required with sound.  A microphone of some sort is recommended if you wish to actively participate. Dates and times for the training sessions are located on the HR Training website. Registration is required.

Intermediate. This course will be offered to all employees who utilize PeopleAdmin for position management, recruitment and hiring processes including search committees. Topics will include flow of actions, position modification, managing applicants, hiring proposals and more. If you are a new employee or inexperienced user you must first complete the New Employee/Beginner Course as a prerequisite.  Dates and times for the training sessions are located on the HR Training website. Registration is required.

Staff Senate Meeting

The Staff Senate meeting will be held in the Bonnie Combo room at 9:00 a.m. on February 21, 2019. Any changes will be communicated.

Need HR Support?

To help answer any questions you may have, visit the Meet Our Staff page on the HR website so we can better assist your specific needs.

Be sure to follow the Human Resources Facebook page for important information and events that are posted each week.

Feb 1, 2019