HRIS Core Services

A major objective of Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) is to increase Human Resource Management's capacity to leverage and assimilate new and emerging technologies; streamline workflow; maximize accuracy, reliability, and validity of workforce data; and ease deployment and collection of data and information. The department’s continuous effort is on enhancing the integrity and relevance of Human Resource information and working toward the implementation of a paperless work environment.

What We Do:

  • Identification, planning, and implementation of HRIS changes and updates in order to meet the strategic needs of the Department of Human Resources.
  • Act as the liaison between Division of IT and functional end users to bridge the gap between technical and functional requirements of the University community and information systems in place.
  • Technical data analysis, testing and documentation related to upgrades and application of fixes to Banner.
  •  Ensure timely and accurate delivery of data for required reporting to University internal departments, State and Federal agencies.
  •  Maintain the HR website and develop web technology solutions to enhance HR business processes.

ServiceS Provided:

  • Develop eSolutions to automate administrative tasks and departmental workflows to encourage a paperless and efficient working environment.
  • Provide information and statistical data to internal and external customers.
  • Recommend and implement HRIS projects based on changes in Federal/State guidelines and/or community information needs.

Reporting & Compliance

HRIS receives various requests for data and information. These requests may come from management, internal and external auditors, legal entities, or governmental regulatory institutions. HRIS assesses individual requests for data, defines reporting requirements and manages the creation and implementation of reports.