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For New Employees

1500 Wage

Part-Time Wage (< 120 Day, < 19 Hours/Week, Sporadic)

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Full-Time Faculty/Staff & Adjunct Faculty

The following forms are completed online: Form I-9, Selective Service Compliance, Employee Data Sheet, Certificate of Policy Receipt, Form W-4, Form VA-4, Direct Deposit Authorization.  Emails are sent to new hires with access and instructions to the below systems to complete all onboarding forms.  Employees are encouraged to complete these forms before their first day. If an employee is unable to complete their forms online, please contact Human Resources.

*Form I-9 Section 1 must be complete on or before an employee's first day of work.  All employees are required to provide appropriate documentation for section 2 of Form I-9 within three business days following their first workday. See I-9 instructions for additional information. 

Payroll Forms

Worker's Compensation

Within 24 hours of a report of injury/illness the Employer's Accident Report (EAR) | PDF must be submitted to Human Resources.  All other forms need to be returned to Human Resources once completed.  Contact the Benefits Office at 540-831-6110 with any questions or concerns.  This information is provided for supervisors to review and completed when there has been an injury/illness on the job.  Worker's Compensation page.