What is the EAP?

Employee Assistance Program is a state program that provides a wide range of services to assist employees who participate in one of the state’s health insurance plans.

Who is eligible to use the EAP program?

Employees and their eligible dependents who are participating in a state health insurance plan have access to assistance through EAP.

What assistance does the program offer?

EAP counselors are available to assist employees with problems related to: Alcohol, Drugs, Family, Health, Legal, etc.  For more information, please see the Benefits page and select the EAP menu.

Who is eligible for tuition waiver?

Classified, A/P Faculty, T/R Faculty, Adjunct and Wage employees (excluding student wage) are eligible to apply for tuition waiver.

How many classes may be taken each semester?

One 3-4 credit hour course is allowed per semester or session.

Who is eligible for tuition reimbursement?

Available to qualified employees of Radford University when the education is job-related and of benefit to the University. The department head and the respective Vice President must approve all courses or degree programs prior to the start of the class. The amount of tuition and fees approved must be paid from the department’s budget.


How do I apply for job openings?

You must apply to the specific job opening(s) for which you are interested. This must be completed online. Only applicants who apply online through the applicant tracking system will be considered for employment.

What does the Close Date or Review Date mean in the job advertisement?

A Close Date means that the advertisement will no longer be available on the job site and no one will be able to apply after the close date. A Review Date means that the hiring department will start screening applications on this date and preparing for the interview process. If a viable candidate is found during the initial review, applications submitted after the review date may not be considered.

How can I follow up on my status?

You can view your status online by logging into your online account and clicking “Returning User – Login”. If you feel you need to make contact with the hiring manager or the department, use good judgment in determining the way you contact and the number of times you follow up. “In Process” means that the search is still underway and no offer has been accepted. “Job Filled” means that an applicant has been chosen and hired.

How does the application screening process work?

The hiring department, along with Human Resources, will review applicants and screen the application/resume against the minimum and preferred qualifications listed in the job posting. For faculty positions, the search committee members will review resumes and determine who is recommended for interview.

What type of interview should I expect?

The type of interview will depend on the hiring manager. Some departments may do phone interviews first, while others may invite the finalists in for a face to face interview. Some interviews may be 30 minutes in length, while others may take multiple days. Some departments use panel interviews, while other departments may use a series of individual interviews.

Can I mail/email an application or resume to the Department of Human Resources or the hiring department?

Only applications and/or resumes submitted online will be considered for employment. Unsolicited applications/resumes for unspecified positions are not accepted.

What if I need assistance with the application process?

Notify the hiring department or contact Human Resources at 540-831-5584 prior to the application close/review date, if you need assistance with the application process.  The Department of Human Resources has a computer onsite to assist applicants without computers. A Human Resources representative can also schedule an appointment to meet with you if needed. 

New Employee

Where can I park when I report to work?

You may park in any of the parking lots on campus with the temporary permit that was sent to you via email.  Please display this in your vehicle.  You will be given information when you report to work to obtain a permanent permit.

Where do I report on my first day?

You will likely report to your supervisor, but please confirm with your hiring department.

When can I enroll for benefits?

Full-time and part-time employees are eligible to enroll in the benefits plan on the first of the month following your date of hire. For more information, visit our Benefits page

How do I view my address, benefits, vacation, or other personnel information?

Once your information has been entered into the Banner system and you have a user id and password, you can sign in to MyRU to view and access your personnel information.

How do I get access to Radford University computers and other online services?

You will work with your supervisor to obtain accurate access for your position via the Administrative Systems Access Request [PDF]. You can also find instructions to set up your email [PDF].

These forms are found on the Division of Information Technology website. 

When do I get paid?

Your first paycheck will be dependent upon your hire date.  Pay is distributed via the calendar provided on the payroll site.  Please refer to Payroll.

Whom do I contact if there is a problem with my paycheck?

You should report any discrepancies on your paycheck to Payroll.

How do I view my pay check stub?

Please visit the Payroll website.

What does it mean if I have been designated as essential personnel?

Employees designated as essential personnel must report to work during authorized closings and emergencies, as assigned.

Manager & Supervisor

How do I submit an action in PeopleAdmin-SelectSuite to post a position?

To submit an action in PeopleAdmin, please refer to the document that explains how to modify a position [PDF].

I have selected my candidate, how do I begin the hiring process?

To begin the hiring process, please refer to the document that explains how to create a hiring proposal [PDF].

How do other applicants get notified of the hiring decision?

Applicants will receive an automated message when position is filled.

What does it mean to be exempt or non-exempt?

Exempt employees are excluded from overtime payment. Non-exempt employees are eligible for overtime. Exemption is based on the “primary duties” of the position and qualifying for all three of the following tests:

  • Duty and Discretion Tests
    • Employee must qualify as an Executive, Administrator, Professional or Computer Professional.
  • Salary Basis Test
    • Employee must be paid on an annual salary basis.
  • Minimum Salary Threshold Test
    • Employees must be paid above a salary threshold amount that is currently $455 per week or $23,660 annually. 

What is charge training?

Specialized training before the interview process for the search committee to help insure a diverse candidate pool based on EEO standards.  This meeting assists with validating the interview process handled by the committee.  Guidance is provided for advertisement and recruiting efforts.

How do I access PeopleAdmin-SelectSuite?

Log in to MyRU portal and navigate to the employee folder.  You will see a link within that folder to go directly to the site.

Employee Relations

What is Employee Relations?

Employee Relations offers consultation, facilitation and resolution strategies for workplace issues. Employee Relations assists in communications between employees and supervisors, corrective action and planning, disciplinary actions, and explanation and clarification of University policies and procedures. The Employee Relations team can be reached at 540-831-7286.  

How and where do I file a grievance?

Before filing a formal grievance, employees and management are encouraged to resolve concerns informally through discussion or through the use of mediation and conflict resolution.  If those steps are not successful, there are formal processes available.  A grievance is a formal complaint about a workplace issue that has a direct adverse impact on employees.  The goal of a grievance is to raise the issue or concern to the attention of the appropriate level of management so the issue can be addressed. The state grievance process is available to all classified employees that have successfully completed their probationary period.  The grievance process involves review of the complaint by up to three respondents within the employee’s management chain.

A grievance can have up to four phases: (1) the management resolution steps; (2) qualification for hearing; (3) hearing; and (4) review of the hearing decision. Not all grievances are qualified for hearing. For example, under the grievance statues, grievances that relate solely to layoffs, transfers, assignments, or the content of personnel policies, cannot proceed on to a hearing. On the other hand, some issues are automatically qualified for hearing, such as formal discipline or dismissal for unsatisfactory performance. Attorneys serving as Administrative Hearing Officers conduct hearings in qualifying grievances.  

This formal process is outlined in the Grievance Procedure Manual.  Failure to follow these strict procedures will forfeit your right to this process. The Office of Employment Dispute Resolution website provides additional information regarding the Grievance Procedure.  If you have questions or need assistance, contact Jenene Lewis in the Employee Relations office at 540-831-7286 or hjlewis@radford.edu

Filing a grievance resources.

Who do I talk to about corrective action/disciplinary procedures?

The primary Employee Relations contact is Jenene Lewis, 540-831-7286. 

Do I have to wait for the performance evaluation period to tell an employee that his or her performance needs to improve?

No. During the performance period, the supervisor and employee should regularly discuss work progress, etc. During these discussions, the supervisor has an opportunity to provide constructive feedback and direction to the employee. Employee Relations is available to assist employees and supervisors when any part of the Performance Management process is not working well. 


How do I get access to EPAF?

Fill out the Administrative Systems Access Request [PDF] form and follow the instructions on the form.

How do I get access to PeopleAdmin SelectSuite?

Fill out the Administrative Systems Access Request [PDF] form and follow the instructions on the form.


Do I need to register for a HR classroom training?

Yes. Most of our classroom trainings have limited space therefore; we must track the seating capacity through registrations. In addition, registering allows us to credit your transcript after you have attended the training.

Do I need to cancel my registration for a HR classroom training if I am unable to make it?

Yes. Due to limited space we must track seating capacity through registrations. At times, the class becomes full and a waitlist is created. If you cancel your registration ahead of time, we will then be able to fill your vacated seat with the waiting list enrollees.

How do I register for an HR Training?

You will need to register through the VLC (Virginia Learning Center) unless otherwise instructed. You can find complete instructions on how to do so on the training page.

As a new employee, are there required trainings that I must take?

Yes, you can find a list of these trainings on the training page.