Where is Our Office?


In the building commonly referred to as Tyler Place, Human Resources is located at 314B Tyler Avenue on the 2nd floor. 

If you are coming from an on-campus location, our building can be found directly across the street from Norwood and Walker Halls. Head through the breezeway then enter the only double glass doors on your left and take the elevator or stairs to the second floor.

Coming from I-81 off exit 109, keep straight on Tyler Avenue through both stoplights.  As you arrive at Radford University use the middle lane and continue down Tyler Avenue until you get to the Clement Street intersection.  Use the left turning lane to turn onto Clement Street then make an immediate right into the first parking lot. As you enter the lot there are reserved HR visitor parking spots.  Head through the breezeway then enter the only double glass doors on your right and take the elevator or stairs to the second floor.

Career Opportunities

How do I search for jobs?

From https://jobs.radford.edu/postings/search, you can search by keywords, position type , department or position title.

How do I apply for job openings?

Starting your application is easy!  Here are three quick steps to follow:

  1. Find the job you want to apply for. 
  2.  Click 'Apply for this Job' located above the job posting
  3. Start your application!  you will be directed to log in or create a username and password through Radford's Applicant System and fill out your information.

Do I need a resume?

A resume is required and can be uploaded or manually developed in our online application.  For assistance on uploading your resume please see our how-to-guide.

Do I need a cover letter?

Cover letters are recommended and typically reviewed by the hiring team; however they are not required.  For assistance on uploading your cover letter please visit our how-to-guide.

What does the Close Date or Review Date mean in the job advertisement?

A Close Date means that the advertisement will no longer be available on the job site and no one will be able to apply after the close date. A Review Date means that the hiring department will start screening applications on this date and preparing for the interview process. If a viable candidate is found during the initial review, applications submitted after the review date may not be considered.

How does the application screening process work?

The hiring department, along with Human Resources, will review applicants and screen the application/resume against the minimum and preferred qualifications listed in the job posting. For faculty positions, the search committee members will review resumes and determine who is recommended for interview.

How does the application process work?

Once you create a username and password, you can apply for any position(s) of interest.  From there, the Search Committee will have access to your information and will be in contact if your application aligns with the requirements.  

How can I follow up on my status?

You can view your status online by logging into your online account and clicking “Returning User – Login”. If you feel you need to make contact with the hiring manager or the department, use good judgment in determining the way you contact and the number of times you follow up. “In Process” means that the search is still underway and no offer has been accepted. “Job Filled” means that an applicant has been chosen and hired.

What type of interview should I expect?

The type of interview will depend on the hiring manager. Some departments may do phone interviews first, while others may invite the finalists in for a face to face interview. Some interviews may be 30 minutes in length, while others may take multiple days. Some departments use panel interviews, while other departments may use a series of individual interviews.

Can I mail/email an application or resume to the Department of Human Resources or the hiring department?

No, only applications and resumes submitted online and tied to a posting will be considered for career opportunities. Unsolicited applications/resumes for unspecified positions are not accepted.

What if I need assistance with the application process?

If you need application assistance, please contact the hiring department on the application or contact Human Resources.  

New Employee

Who is Radford University?

Founded in 1910 as the State Normal and Industrial School for Women, now known as Radford University or RU is a public university and located on a 204-acre campus.  RU enrolls 10,000+ students with a focus on 76 Bachelor programs, 27 Master programs and 6 Doctoral programs.  RU has received national recognition for its undergraduate, graduate programs and their sustainability initiatives. RU is a division I member of the NCAA and the Big South Conference and compete in 16 men and women varsity programs. Our main campus is located in Radford, VA with operations in Abington, VA at Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center; in Roanoke, VA at Roanoke Higher Education Center and Radford University Carilion. 

Where do I park? Where do I enter the building?

For day 1 arrival, we ask that you park in the HR visitor spot.  The HR building entrance is between Moe’s and Subway.  Take the elevator to the second floor and the HR office is the first door on the right. 

Who should I ask for when I arrive?

An HR Representative will be at our front desk awaiting your arrival.

When will my benefits take effect?

During New Hire Orientation, our Benefits Team will review your benefit package in full detail providing information about health, dental, vision, monthly cost, when to make an election, effective date, leave balances, etc.  You can review further details on our website to prepare questions during benefit orientation. 

How do I purchase a parking pass? When will I receive my ID badge?

OneCard/Parking Services office in Heth Hall is where you will obtain your Radford University OneCard and parking permit.  The OneCard is your Radford University identification card and can be used for many purposes, such as building access or dining dollars. Please review the links below for further information on your OneCard and parking permit:

What is the dress code?

All employees of Radford University should always dress professionally. Please consult your supervisor for your department’s specific attire.  

Where do I take my lunch break?

You are welcome to pack a lunch and eat in your department’s break room, out on our lawn or in Dalton Dining Hall. Our breakrooms are fully equipped with refrigerators, microwaves, and vending machines throughout campus. If you choose to bring your lunch, please clearly mark any items you store in the refrigerator or freezer to avoid confusion.  If you chose to have your lunch break in our dining hall, please review the meal plan options. 

What is the smoking policy? Can I smoke on the premises?

Tobacco-free environment helps create a safer, healthier workplace. While tobacco use is discouraged, there are designated smoking areas outside at Radford University. Please review the smoking policy.  All cigarette butts must be extinguished and disposed of properly in the provided containers and NOT on the ground around the smoking area or near any building entrance. The same would apply for any other tobacco related product, (I.E. electronic cigarettes used for vaping, smokeless tobacco, chew, etc.)

When is my timesheet due to payroll? When will I receive my direct deposit?

Please see the payroll schedules and chose the correct employee type that aligns with your employment.  

How do I view my pay stub?

  • Pay stubs are located on your OneCampus portal, just search "Pay Stub" on OneCampus.
  • Pay stubs prior to July/August 2021 can be found on the Commonwealth of Virginia's Payline website.  
  • If you cannot access your pay stub, please contact the Payroll Office at payroll@radford.edu.

What does it mean if I have been designated as essential personnel?

Employees designated as essential personnel must report to work during authorized closings and emergencies, as assigned.

How do I get access to Radford University computers and other online services?

You will work with your supervisor to obtain accurate access for your position via the Administrative Systems Access Request [PDF]. You can also find Claiming your Radford University Network Account.

These forms are found on the Division of Information Technology website. 

How do I view my address, benefits, vacation, or other personnel information?

Once your information has been entered into the Banner system and you have a user id and password, you can sign in to OneCampus to view and access your personnel information.

What holidays are observed?

Please see the Holiday Schedule.

To be eligible for paid holiday leave, employees must work or be on paid leave the day before and the day after the holiday. Classified Staff and Administrative and professional faculty who are required to work on a scheduled holiday will receive hour-for-hour compensatory time for hours worked. 


What is the EAP?

Employee Assistance Program is a state program that provides a wide range of services to assist employees who participate in one of the state’s health insurance plans.

Who is eligible to use the EAP program?

Employees and their eligible dependents who are participating in a state health insurance plan have access to assistance through EAP.

What assistance does the EAP program offer?

EAP counselors are available to assist employees with problems related to: Alcohol, Drugs, Family, Health, Legal, etc.  For more information, please see the Benefits page and select the EAP menu.

Who is eligible for tuition waiver?

Classified, A/P Faculty, T/R Faculty, Adjunct, and 1500 Hour Wage employees (excluding student wage) are eligible to apply for tuition waiver, once they meet the eligibility requirements.  Review the Employee Tuition Waiver Policy for full eligibility requirements and details.  Visit the Employee Educational Assistance page for additional information

Who is eligible for tuition reimbursement?

Available to qualified employees of Radford University when the education is job-related and of benefit to the University. The department head and the respective Vice President must approve all courses or degree programs prior to the start of the class. The amount of tuition and fees approved must be paid from the department’s budget. Visit the Employee Educational Assistance page for additional information

Manager & Supervisor

How do I submit an action in PeopleAdmin-SelectSuite to post a position?

To submit an action in PeopleAdmin, please refer to the document that explains how to modify a position [PDF].

I have selected my candidate, how do I begin the hiring process?

To begin the hiring process, please refer to the document that explains how to create a hiring proposal [PDF].

How do other applicants get notified of the hiring decision?

Applicants will receive an automated message when position is filled.

What does it mean to be exempt or non-exempt?

Exempt employees are excluded from overtime payment. Non-exempt employees are eligible for overtime. Exemption is based on the “primary duties” of the position and qualifying for all three of the following tests:

  • Duty and Discretion Tests
    • Employee must qualify as an Executive, Administrator, Professional or Computer Professional.
  • Salary Basis Test
    • Employee must be paid on an annual salary basis.
  • Minimum Salary Threshold Test
    • Employees must be paid above a salary threshold amount that is currently $455 per week or $23,660 annually. 

What is charge training?

Specialized training before the interview process for the search committee to help insure a diverse candidate pool based on EEO standards.  This meeting assists with validating the interview process handled by the committee.  Guidance is provided for advertisement and recruiting efforts.

How do I access PeopleAdmin-SelectSuite?

Log in to your OneCampus portal and search PeopleAdmin.  Click on the tile or launch button to open.  If you access PeopleAdmin-SelectSuite frequently, be sure to add it to your favorites on OneCampus for quick access.  

Employee Relations

What is Employee Relations?

Employee Relations offers consultation, facilitation and resolution strategies for workplace issues. Employee Relations assists in communications between employees and supervisors, corrective action and planning, disciplinary actions, and explanation and clarification of University policies and procedures. The Employee Relations team can be reached at 540-831-7286.  

How and where do I file a grievance?

Before filing a formal grievance, employees and management are encouraged to resolve concerns informally through discussion or through the use of mediation and conflict resolution.  If those steps are not successful, there are formal processes available.  A grievance is a formal complaint about a workplace issue that has a direct adverse impact on employees.  The goal of a grievance is to raise the issue or concern to the attention of the appropriate level of management so the issue can be addressed. The state grievance process is available to all classified employees that have successfully completed their probationary period.  The grievance process involves review of the complaint by up to three respondents within the employee’s management chain.

A grievance can have up to four phases: (1) the management resolution steps; (2) qualification for hearing; (3) hearing; and (4) review of the hearing decision. Not all grievances are qualified for hearing. For example, under the grievance statues, grievances that relate solely to layoffs, transfers, assignments, or the content of personnel policies, cannot proceed on to a hearing. On the other hand, some issues are automatically qualified for hearing, such as formal discipline or dismissal for unsatisfactory performance. Attorneys serving as Administrative Hearing Officers conduct hearings in qualifying grievances.  

This formal process is outlined in the Grievance Procedure Manual.  Failure to follow these strict procedures will forfeit your right to this process. The Office of Employment Dispute Resolution website provides additional information regarding the Grievance Procedure.  If you have questions or need assistance, contact Jenene Lewis in the Employee Relations office at 540-831-7286 or hjlewis@radford.edu

Who do I talk to about corrective action/disciplinary procedures?

The primary Employee Relations contact is Jenene Lewis, 540-831-7286. 

Do I have to wait for the performance evaluation period to tell an employee that his or her performance needs to improve?

No. During the performance period, the supervisor and employee should regularly discuss work progress, etc. During these discussions, the supervisor has an opportunity to provide constructive feedback and direction to the employee. Employee Relations is available to assist employees and supervisors when any part of the Performance Management process is not working well. 


How do I get access to EPAF?

Fill out the Administrative Systems Access Request [PDF] form and follow the instructions on the form.

How do I get access to PeopleAdmin SelectSuite?

Fill out the Administrative Systems Access Request [PDF] form and follow the instructions on the form.


Do I need to register for a HR classroom training?

Yes. Most of our classroom trainings have limited space therefore; we must track the seating capacity through registrations. In addition, registering allows us to credit your transcript after you have attended the training.

Do I need to cancel my registration for a HR classroom training if I am unable to make it?

Yes. Due to limited space we must track seating capacity through registrations. At times, the class becomes full and a waitlist is created. If you cancel your registration ahead of time, we will then be able to fill your vacated seat with the waiting list enrollees.

How do I register for an HR Training?

You will need to register through the VLC (Virginia Learning Center) unless otherwise instructed. You can find complete instructions on how to do so on the training website.

As a new employee, are there required trainings that I must take?

Yes, all state mandated trainings for new employees can be found on the training website.