At Radford University the Future is Yours!

We are very excited that you are joining Radford University! We know that learning a new job and adjusting to a new organization can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Our vision for your Employee Experience at Radford University has been devoted to helping you feel more comfortable in your new environment. 


**Required State Employee Training

All Radford Employees must complete the State Mandated Training requirements as set forth by DHRM and are completed within the new employee orientation period of 30-90 days. These training requirements are completed and recorded in the Virginia Learning Center (VLC).

View the Required State Employee Training.  After selecting a training, you will be required to provide your VLC login ID (newer VLC accounts use your whole State ID number, older VLC accounts drop the first two zeros of your State ID number) and your password. If you do not know your login ID or password please follow the prompts to have your login ID emailed to you or to have your password reset. You can also visit Training Registration/Virginia Learning Center (VLC) for more logon instructions.