Hiring Documents for Teaching & Research Faculty

Welcome to your hiring documents library. Here, you will find all documents necessary to guide you through your hiring process.

Comprising and Communicating with your Search Committee

Now that you have reviewed your job description and are ready to post the position, you may need to comprise a Search Committee. If you are also leading the search, the Creating and Communicating with Your Search Committee [DOC] will walk you through an effective communication strategy as you work through the hiring process.

Candidate Evaluation Form

This Candidate Evaluation Form [DOC] is utilized to evaluate candidates during each of their interviews. If a candidate is scheduled for both a skype/phone interview and a campus interview, two evaluation forms should be filled out for the candidate. Additionally, if the candidate is interviewing with various groups throughout campus, and/or giving presentations, have the interviewing groups and audience members fill these out as part of the assessment process. 

Screening Matrix

This Screening Matrix Grid is completed by the Search Chair during the initial screening of applicants, before convening the Search Committee for the first time. The committee then utilizes the grid for an intensive screening to determine which candidates will be interviewed.

On-Campus Interview Itinerary

Not sure who your candidates should meet when they come to campus? Reference this On-Campus Interview Itinerary [DOC] to ensure all of your necessary audiences are included during the on-campus interview.

Sample Interview Questions

These are sample Interview Questions [DOC] and are not required. The Search Committee should comprise a list of questions for the candidates, and each candidate needs to be asked the same set of questions.

Sample Reference Questions

These are sample Reference Questions [DOC] and are not required. Only the references for the finalist need to be checked. This reference check can be conducted either by the Hiring Manager or the Search Chair; it is up to the Hiring Manager to decide who will check the references. All references must be asked the same set of questions.