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State Employee Financial Wellness Program Updates | DHRM

April 2021


  • Your financial wellness will remain one of our top priorities in 2021. Please check out this month's flyer to obtain the details of the financial education offerings and resources. 
  • VACU's upcoming “Financial Literacy Challenge” live Kahoot learning game on Wednesday, April 14th from 12 p.m. - 12:30 p.m. 
  • Virginia529's upcoming employee informational webinar on Tuesday, April 20th from 12 p.m. - 1 p.m.

VRS Member News | A Publication for VRS Members

February 2021


  • Watch: VRS in 2020 | Video 
  • Enhanced Security Brings Extra Level of Protection for myVRS Accounts
  • Saving as a Family: Tips on Building Good Habits and Making Them Last
  • Spring Education Sessions Coming to a Screen Near You
  • Introduce Yourself to Money Topics With myVRS Financial Wellness Start Here Guides
  • VRS Member Spotlight: Anthony Swann, 2021 Virginia Teacher of the Year
  • Updated VRS DCP Mobile App Makes Account Management Easy | Video 
  • 2021 Virginia General Assembly Continues Into Special Session
  • Your Turn to Ask: Where Can I Find More Information About Healthcare Options in Retirement?
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November 2020


  • myVRS Financial Wellness: Planning Tools You Can Use
  • Boost Your Knowledge With Member Education Webinars
  • New Design Ahead for VRS Member Website
  • A Closer Look at the VRS Trust Fund
  • Benchmarking Study on Retirement Systems Shows VRS in Good Standing
  • VRS Member Spotlight: Officer Matthew Arnold, Department of Wildlife Resources
  • Who Are Your Beneficiaries? How to Set Your Beneficiary Designations
  • Hybrid Plan Members: Why Make Voluntary Contributions Now?
  • Online Retirement Coming in 2021
  • FAQ: How Do I Roll Over Funds Into My DC Plan Accounts?
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September 2020


  • myVRS Financial Wellness: Get Help with Big Money Decisions
  • Member MBPs Now Available in myVRS
  • COVID-19 Updates: VRS Operations and Items That May Impact You
  • VRS Member Spotlight: Chinh Vu, Dept. of General Services 
  • Dive Into your Plan with Virtual Member Education
  • Revised handbooks Available
  • VRS Announces Return o FY 2020
  • Governor Appoints Two New Members to the Board of Trustees
  • Reasons why now may be the time to Purchase Your Prior Service
  • RAQ: After I retire, Can I return to Work and Still Receive my VRS Benefit?
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May 2020


  • VRS Services Continue During COVID-19
  • Federal Relief Bill Allows Emergency COVID-19 Defined Contribution Account Withdrawals
  • myVRS Financial Wellness: Coronavirus and Your Financial Health
  • myVRS Financial Wellness: Your Journey Begins Today
  • Member Commitment to Public Service on Full Display Amid COVID-19 Response
  • Stay Connected: Register Your myVRS Account Today
  • 2020 Legislative Summary
  • Governor Appoints New Chairman and Member to Board of Trustees
  • Rate for Purchasing Refunded Service Changes July 1
  • Updated VRS Handbooks Available
  • FAQ: Do Market Fluctuations Affect my VRS Benefits?