Long Term Care Plans & Disability

Employees have several options for short and long-term disability plans to provide income replacement in the event of partial or total disability.   You are eligible for VSDP coverage if you are a full-time or part-time classified state employee covered under the VRS, VaLORS, or a faculty member who has elected the VRS defined benefit plan.  Contact the Benefits Department if you have questions or need assistance.

Virginia Sickness and Disability Program

The Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP) provides state employees with income security when they cannot work because of a partial or total disability. The program includes personal sick and family personal leave, short-term disability benefits, long-term disability benefits as well as a long-term care program. VSDP benefits cover non-work-related and work-related conditions.

The VSDP focuses on helping employees make a safe return to full duties following a disability. Return-to-work plans, such as job modifications or vocational/medical rehabilitation may be developed in consultation with the employer and treating a healthcare or medical professional to assist in the employee's recovery and return to a regular schedule.

Radford University Group Long Term Disability

Radford University Group Long Term Disability plan is a voluntary plan underwritten by Unum Life Insurance Company of America and administered by a third party vendor.  Participants enjoy group rates and may elect coverage at 50%, 40%, or 25% of basic monthly earnings not to exceed the monthly maximum benefit of $5,000.   Participation is voluntary and the premium is paid by the employee by monthly payroll deduction.  

Long-Term Care Plan

Members of the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP) have long-term care insurance paid by the state through the Virginia Retirement System (VRS).   Please refer to the VSDP Handbook for detailed information on program benefits and requirements.