Honors Faculty Fellow Application

General Information

The Honors College seeks applications for faculty to serve as Honors Faculty Fellows. These faculty will be designated to serve a 3-year term during which they will become especially involved in honors education at Radford University. Honors Faculty Fellows will be expected to contribute by:

  • teaching at least one honors course per year

  • advising honors students on professionalism and pursuing high-impact experiences

  • participating in (and leading one) co-curricular activities with honors students each year

  • guiding the development of new honors policies on the Honors Advisory Committee


In recognition of these contributions, honors faculty fellows will receive a $2500 summer stipend and departmental funds to support one-course reassigned time each academic year. Fellows will be appointed to three-year terms with the possibility of renewal. Although honors faculty fellows will still remain members of their academic departments and be evaluated by their chairs, the honors director will provide written documentation of the faculty member’s contributions to the Honors College.

Honors faculty fellows should represent the diversity of the Honors College and Radford University. Candidates who enhance this diversity are especially encouraged to apply. All candidates for the Honors Faculty Fellow appointments are expected to have the following qualifications:

  • tenured or tenure-track faculty status

  • potential to teach highly-engaging honors courses that meet requirements in the honors curriculum

  • documented ability to mentor students on scholarly or creative work

  • willingness to interact with people from the broad spectrum of the honors community (students, faculty, administration, staff, prospective students and their families, and alumni)


    Those interested in applying to be an honors faculty fellow are encouraged to review the honors website. Any questions about the position should be directed to Niels Christensen, Director (pchristen@radford.edu). Application materials should include the following information:

  • A cover letter that addresses the applicant’s:

    • experience with or interest in honors education

    • goals for contributing to the honors curriculum (i.e., which honors course or courses would the applicant be interested in teaching)

    • evidence for excellence in undergraduate education (e.g., classroom instruction, mentorship of students’ creative and scholarly projects)

  • Most recent Faculty Annual Report

  • Curriculum vitae

  • Brief memos from one’s department chair and one’s dean that indicate the faculty member would be permitted to serve as a fellow if selected