The Honors Academy draws on the expertise of faculty from every college and department on campus. The resources of the entire faculty are necessary mentoring the exciting honors contracts and honors capstones, which are undertaken every semester. In addition to these contributions, some faculty (listed below) contribute even more of their time to the Honors Academy.

Honors Academy Faculty Administration


Dr. Niels Christensen, Director and Professor of Psychology


Dr. Jason Davis, Associate Director and Associate Professor of Biology

Honors Faculty Fellows

Honors Faculty Fellows are appointed by the director to 3-year renewable terms. The fellows teach at least one honors courses per year, mentor honors students, and participate in honors community activities.


Dr. Moira Baker, Professor of English (2016-2019)


Dr. Riane Bolin - Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice (2018-2021) 


Dr. Tom Duncan, Associate Professor, Economics (2018-2021)

Dr. Lauren Flora, Associate Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders (2018-2021)

Dr. Sandra French, Associate Professor, School of Communication (2018-2021)


Dr. Boyoung Park, Associate Professor, Teacher Education and Leadership (2016-2019)


Dr. Jyotsna Sharman, Associate Professor of Nutrition & Dietetics (2016-2019)


Dr. Cassady Yoder Urista, Associate Professor and Chair of Anthropological Sciences (2016-2019)

Honors Librarian

Ms. Lisa Dinkle 

Instruction Librarian and Honors Librarian

Faculty Who Regularly Teach Honors Courses

Dr. Louis Gallo, Professor of English

Dr. Jolanta Wawrzycka, Professor of English

Mr. Wesley Young, Associate Professor of Theatre and Cinema

Ms. Nancy Taylor, Instructor of English

Dr. Kurt Gingrich, Associate Professor of History

Dr. Neil Sigmon, Mathematics

Dr. Eric du Plessis, Foreign Languages and Literatures

Dr. Robyn Berg, Theatre