Honors Academic Program

Although the Honors College is a multifaceted program, the heart of the experience is the academic component embodied in the honors curriculum. Most, if not all, of these honors credits will "double count" to meet other requirements for the student's major, minor, or general education. In addition to the coursework, honors students are expected to pursue academic excellence, uphold high standards of student conduct, and be engaged participants in the honors community. Complete details about expectations for honors students is found in the Honors Student Handbook.

Honors Curriculum

Honors students have two curriculuar options. Most students complete the 27-credit Highlander Honors Scholar curriculum, which is the highest academic distinction bestowed on undergraduates at Radford University. Some students are admitted to honors after they have already earned a large number of college credits. These students may elect to pursue the 15-credit Highlander Honors Distinction. This curriculum allows students to access the benefits of the Honors College while maintaining a shorter timeline to graduation. Please discuss these options with your honors advisor, the associate director, or the director.

Students also have the option of pursuing one of three honors minors. These minors count toward either Honors College curricular track and also can fulfill a requirement in Radford's REAL General Education program.

Honors Student Handbook

Honors Student Council and the Honors Advisory Committee approve the Honors College student handbook. The handbook provides complete details about the honors curriculum, honors benefits, honors expectations, and honors leadership roles. The handbook is available to current students on the Honors College D2L page and can be requested by prospective students by emailing honors@radford.edu.