Cole Faulkner


Class of 2020, Bachelor of Science in biology & chemistry, pre-med concentration
Bland, Virginia

Cole Faulkner never slows down. As an honor’s student, he works hard and consistently makes the Dean’s list. To give back to the community, Faulkner has served as a mentor to high school and other undergraduate students. To help fulfill his passion and curiosity for STEM, Faulkner will soon be participating in an undergraduate research project. The reasons why he is motivated to excel and give back are because Radford University affords him the opportunities to explore the areas that are of most interest to him and his educational journey.

From his first moments on campus, Faulkner knew the university was the right place for him because of its welcoming, friendly environment. “When I was touring Radford for the first time, from professors to students, everyone was excited to show me that Radford is a beautiful place that many are proud to call home,” explained Faulkner.

Now as a student, he values the comradery between professors and students. “Most of the professors I have had want to get to know who their students really are, and I would even call some of my professors my friends,” said Faulkner. “It is this passion that makes myself and many other students succeed in and out of the classroom, and proud to call ourselves students at Radford University.”

Some of Faulkner’s best memories at Radford so far include field trips with the Honors Academy and his work with ELITES, Emerging Leaders in Technology, Science and Mathematics (STEM). ELITES is a unique opportunity for students to develop and enhance key leadership skills that are not generally associated with STEM areas of study. As part of the ELITES program, Faulkner interacts with other students and faculty, practices public speaking and engages in research.

“The ELITES program gave me the tools to engage in extracurricular STEM-related activities such as research, service and leaderships roles to foster a desire for life-long learning in and outside of the classroom,” said Faulkner.

Faulkner participates in many university activities that challenge him and have transformed him into the leader he is today. He was a peer mentor for BIOMAPP (Biology Math Attitudes and Anxiety Program), where he gave presentations and taught techniques to combat math-anxiety for undergraduate biology majors. He was also a mentor through the AASIS (Appalachian Arts and Studies in the Schools) program where he advised high school students on the value of college education and college life.

The leadership skills Faulkner is developing at Radford University will prepare him well for his future. Faulkner dreams of continuing his education and becoming a physician and a leader in his field.