Honors Community

Honors is more than coursework. True honors students seek a "life of the mind" outside the classroom walls. The Honors College promotes this sense of intellectual vibrancy by engaging the honors community in a variety of events and experiences. First, the honors community includes a residence hall (Floyd Hall), in which honors freshmen (and many older students) live with other honors students.  Second, the honors community includes a variety of scholarly, social, and service events each year. For example, the annual Quiz Bowl tournament brings together teams of students from across campus to compete on academic and trivia questions. Some of these events are sponsored by the Honors College itself, whereas other events are developed by the honors student leaders ("honors liaisons"). The Honors Student Council also plays an active role in shaping the direction of the honors community and it's activities. A complete list of events can be found on the Honors College D2L and are promote on social media, in the honors weekly email, and on the electronic board in the Floyd Hall lobby. Finally, select honors students and faculty travel with each other to honors conferences each year. These conferences are opportunities to share the best experiences that are happening in honors programs around the country (including Radford!).