The Schoolhouse Learning Community

Welcome to Radford University's newest Living-Learning Community! 


What is The Schoolhouse Learning Community?

The Schoolhouse is a living and learning community that connects and inspires prospective educators from all disciplines and grade levels. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the Schoolhouse for their entire undergraduate careers. 



  • Observe and work in local schools with professional educators
  • Take courses that count toward program requirements with other members of the community
  • Connect with faculty for advising, mentoring, and support
  • Experience Radford Universtiy with a community of students who share a passion for teaching and learning
  • Engage in regular, social activities with students and faculty

How Do I Qualify?

We welcome first-year students who plan to pursue teacher licensure, which typically includes the following programs: Interdisciplinary studies (including Elementary, Middle School, and Special Education); Health and Physical Education; K-12 Art, Music, Dance, and Spanish Education; and Secondary education (including Social Studies, English, Math, and Science).

Additional Information

Radford University has deep roots in teacher education, dating back to its founding in 1910.  Since that time, Radford University has maintained a strong reputation as a high-quality institution for future teachers.  Members of the Schoolhouse Community will be immersed in learning how to embrace their calling by developing into well-prepared, globally competent, inclusivity-centered, and community-focused educators.

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How to Contact Us:

If you are interested in getting more information, please contact the Schoolhouse team at