About Biology Connections


Biology Connections
The Biology Connections program is a supportive, residential learning community for RU freshmen who have declared Biology as their major. Students in the community will engage inside and outside the classroom through intentional biology related programming, linked courses taken with other Biology Connections students, and added academic support through peer tutors, advising, and study sessions.  Biology Connections students will live and learn together in this community.

What are the benefits?

  • Pre-Registration for three classes (BIOL 131- Ecology and Adaptations, BIOL 160- Introductory Seminar in Biology, & UNIV 100- Introduction to Higher Education). Sections reserved for Biology Connections students
  • Living community in Stuart Hall
  • Free Tutoring in Biology from Upper-Class Peer Mentors within the department
  • Professional Academic Advising Center in the Residence Hall
  • Comprehensive out of classroom programming

How do I qualify?
Freshmen who have declared Biology as their major at RU can qualify to participate in Biology Connections. Registration is limited by space availability on a first-come, first-served basis. Students must commit to living in Stuart Hall.

How do I participate in Biology Connections?
Students interested in joining the Biology Connections living-learning community should contact BIO-LC@radford.edu.