Living Learning Communities

Radford University offers seven unique freshman living-learning communities (Biology Connections, ARO, Community of Artists, Community of Makers, The Schoolhouse, Entrepreneurship and ECO Connections) that provide students opportunities to deeply engage with faculty, academics and peers with similar interests.

Learning communities are small groups of students that typically take one ore more courses together focusing on a common theme or discipline. Faculty and peer instructor teams work together to assign readings, create assignments and coordinate activities that connect the courses. Students engaged in a learning community are able to build both intellectual and social relationships with classmates and faculty through shared experiences and increased time together.

Students participating in learning communities also benefit from the coordination of residence hall teams with their academic partners to create additional programming in their living environment. 

Why enroll in a living learning community?

Research shows that students involved with an LLC have higher academic success rates, higher college graduation rates, and higher levels of satisfaction with their college experience. Additionally, they have an easier time connecting with their peers. 
Other great benefits include:
  • Small classes typically of 20-24 students with other new freshman.
  • Close faculty relationships to help students in their first year. 
  • Mentoring from peer instructors (successful upperclass students in their discipline or area of interest).
  • Hands-on-learning inside the classroom and beyond (field trips, speakers, etc.).
  • Opportunity to live in special residence halls with students who share interests. 
  • Priority registration for the learning community classes.
  • Additional funding for social activities and trips. 

The LLC application can be found in the housing application.