Faculty Opportunities

As is shared in the HIPs literature below, research from AAC&U and others have identified 10 pedagogical practices that highly impact student success in a variety of ways. Included here is a list of HIPs at Radford Universitiy along with offices and programs that offer financial, professional development, and logistical support for these practices. HIPs also supports emerging high-impact pedagogical practices.

AAC&U's  HIPS High Impact Practices at RU  

First Year Experiences

New Student Programs (UNIV 100)


Common Intellectual Experiences Office of High Impact Practices
Learning Communities
Biology Connections, ARO, Community of Arists, Honors Academy , ECO Connections,   RU Makers,  Office of High Impact Practices,
Writing-Intensive Courses
CORE Curriculum (Foundations), e-portfolio
Collaborative Assignments and Projects Office of High Impact Practices
Undergraduate Research Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (OURS)
Diversity/Global Learning International Education Center (IEC)
Service-Learning, Community Based Learning Scholar-Citizen Initiative (SCI), RUInvolved
Internships Career Center

Capstone Courses and Projects


Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship, Honors Academy, Scholar-Citizen Initiative, International Education Center


E-portfolio support in CITL