The Radford University Greenhouse is part of the Biology Department in the Artis College of Science and Technology. It is located on campus attached to the east side of Reed Hall. The Greenhouse is an educational resource for the Radford University community and beyond. The greenhouse is used for teaching, research, and outreach. We invite visitors to explore the wonderful world of plants with our thematic informational stations. The diverse collection includes plants with medicinal properties, herbs, spices, and fruiting plants, as well as various species with interesting biological aspects such as rapid leaf movement, insectivory, hydrophytic and xerophytic adaptations, and many other amazing plants! There will also be a collection of plants of the Amazon to showcase the RARE (Radford Amazonian Research Expedition) program. 

Due to COVID restrictions, the RU Greenhouse will not be offering group tours at this time. If you would like to arrange a visit, please contact the greenhouse manager, Stephanie Huckestein, at (540) 831-5815 or Visitors must go through an approval process that includes the following:

  1. A Radford University employee must be designated with the responsibility for providing visitor logs (name, date, time, and location - either the Planetarium and the Museum of the Earth Sciences) to Conference Services on a regular basis.  A daily or weekly basis is recommended.
  2. Each visitor must be advised of the following.
  3. The Commonwealth of Virginia and Radford University have a masking requirement.  Additional information is available at
  4. Radford University is requiring visitors to complete the Daily Symptom Tracking for COVID-19 Screening, which is available at  The screening should be completed for any and all days visitors will be on-campus.
  5. Radford University is requiring physical distancing in any and all situations where possible.  For the Planetarium, you will need to arrange any seating so that families can sit with each other, but non-family individuals and groups must be seated with at least six feet of physical distancing.
  6. Radford University is advising anyone who is ill or feeling ill to remain at home.
  7. Radford University reserves the right to deny access to campus for visitors who have traveled out of state in the last two weeks, especially if the individual has traveled to a high prevalence area.  (NOTE: Any out-of-state travel should be obtained from the visitors and documented on the log.)
  8. Each visitor will need to be provided the following statement for acknowledgement.
  9. I acknowledge that I have reviewed and understand Radford University’s expectations and the Commonwealth of Virginia’s requirements, including wearing a cloth mask, maintaining physical distancing, staying home if ill, etc.
  10. And, as stated above, they will need to complete Daily Symptom Tracking for COVID-19 Screening on the day of their visit.  Also, as stated above, they will need to declare any out-of-state travel that occurs in the two weeks preceding their visit to campus."
Department of Biology Greenhouse video

Radford University Greenhouse tour video