Study Abroad by Major

Interested in studying abroad? Navigate by your college below to see what opportunities are available for you.

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Artis College of Science and Technology (CSAT)

Studying abroad as a science major is a great way to explore courses in science specializations that may not be offered on campus. Science majors may also wish to use their time abroad to participate in field studies in new and exciting environments such as Radford University’s Radford Amazonian Research Expedition (RARE). Other science majors take a semester abroad to focus on fulfilling their non-science requirements and to explore new disciplines that may diversify and bolster their resumes. Regardless of which courses students choose to take, studying abroad offers students many potential skills for success in the workplace such as interpersonal skills, greater knowledge of the world and a greater understanding of the global science community.

College of Business and Economics (COBE)

Business and management majors now comprise the second largest group of study abroad students. Study abroad is a key component in keeping up with today’s ever-globalizing business world. Global experience will help business students understand how business is done in cultures outside the United States. Employers are searching for candidates that really understand how business is done in key markets around the globe. Studies also found that employers believe candidates who studied abroad are likely to possess strong interpersonal skills and confidence needed to succeed in the competitive field of business.

Whether you wish to study abroad or intern abroad, you will have an amazing opportunity to network and build relationships which will be so crucial in your job search after graduation.

College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences (CHBS)

The experience of study abroad is the perfect complement to a degree in the humanities and social sciences as the vast majority of study abroad programs contain courses in these disciplines. Studying abroad is the ultimate opportunity to explore society, cultures and the human experience. There are plenty of opportunities to take your academic interests in these disciplines and apply them to where you choose to study. Study abroad allows humanity and social science majors a chance to see new perspectives and engage with other international viewpoints.

College of Education and Human Development (CEHD)

American hospitals, classrooms and other institutions are incredibly diverse, serving clients, students and patients of different nationalities, languages and past experiences. Having intercultural experiences, study abroad returnees will be better prepared to interact with students, patients and clients of different cultures they will encounter in the workplace. Studying abroad will also expose students of human services to the different methods, practices and systems of other countries within their field.

Students in the human services are encouraged to start planning their study abroad early as the required curriculum of these programs becomes harder to find later in a student’s academic career. Students may elect to take core curriculum and electives abroad. Human services students are also encouraged to check the IEC Faculty-led Programs for specialized study abroad opportunities.

Major Exchange Universities
Education University of Glasgow Kansai Gaidai Monash University
Exercise and Sports Science
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos University of Glasgow
Recreation, Parks and Tourism Vincent Pol University