Faculty - Led Programs

Radford University offers students the opportunity to study abroad in a variety of programs led by Radford faculty. Students can participate in programs during the following times:  Fall Semester, Wintermester, Spring Break, and Summer session.  

Spring Break 2020

  • Alaska (PHYS) - Dr. Rhett Herman
  • Netherlands (NURS) - Dr. Carey Cole
Summer 2019
  • England, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany (HIST) - Dr. Richard Straw
  • South Korea and Taiwan (NURS) - Dr. Euna Lee
  • New Zealand and Austraila (COMS) - Dr. Matthew Turner
  • Peru (RARE) - Drs. Jean Mistele and Sarah Redmond
  • Spain (FORL) - Dr. Blas Hernandez
  • San Diego Comic Con (COMS) - Dr. Matthew Smith

For general information, please see CGEE in 105 Cook Hall or at globaled@radford.edu.  For program and course specific details, please see the faculty member listed.  


Barrow, Alaska Study Abroad with Dr. Rhett Herman (February 2018)


Amazon (RARE) Study abroad with Drs. Jason Davis and Cassady Urista at Machu Picchu (May 2017)