Study Abroad Programs


The options for international educational experiences are virtually endless. Think of a place you want to visit and learn while you're there, and Radford University can likely offer the opportunity. Radford offers an array of programs in a variety of formats.

Qourtasia Watson

Qourtasia Watson ‘17, ‘19, was drawn to Radford University as a first-generation student in search of a career path that felt authentic to her. She loved the close-knit community and the faculty’s student-centered approach to teaching, and felt comfortable sharing her anxieties about her future with her professors. Read more about her Radford story.

Conner Philson

From publishing his undergraduate research as lead author to traveling through the Amazon Rainforest, first generation student Conner Philson '19 has taken full advantage of the opportunities at Radford University. Watch him tell his Radford story.

Loukas Rimanelli is a Radford University Junior who recently traveled to Patagonia, Chile to study sequence stratigraphy on the Aysén Glacier Trail.


*Travel Warning*  The University may limit, how, when, and where University students and faculty may travel abroad for University-related purposes, taking into consideration issues of terrorism, war, disease, and other risks.  The U.S. Department of State, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) periodically posts advisories called "Travel Warnings" for countries or regions within countries that they deem to be unsafe for Americans.  The University observes all Travel Warnings issued by the U.S. Department of State and the CDC, and prohibits student travel for University-related purposes to regions under a Travel Warning unless exempted according to the petition process.

In the event of incidents or conditions that may threaten the well-being of students, employees, or the University, the University may, after due dilberation, also issue a University Travel Restriction, which prohibits travel to areas not under a U.S. Department of State or a CDC Travel Warning.