International Transfer Process

If you plan to transfer out of Radford University into another school, you must first notify the Center for Education and Engagement of your intent to transfer. The following steps will assist you in the process:

  • After your acceptance into the other school, learn about their procedures for the SEVIS transfer. You might want to contact their school's International Student Advisor (ISA) or Designated School Official (DSO) or the Admissions Office for information for their procedures;
  • When you have made the decision about which school you plan to attend, you will need to submit the Transfer Out Form below and the letter of acceptance from the other school to International Student & Scholar Services; 
  • We will enter a "release date" from Radford University into SEVIS, selecting the new school as the transfer school. The "release date" is usually the last day of the current academic session;
  • Notify your new school's ISA or DSO that the release date has been entered by Radford University and, once that date is reached, the new school can issue you your new I-20. (Please note that you can cancel a transfer request only before the "release date.")

Transfer Out Request Form

If you plan to leave Radford University and transfer to another U.S. school, you must complete this form indicating your intent to transfer, the school you are transferring to, and your term of acceptance to begin enrollment at the new school. Please return this completed form and a copy of your admission letter to the new school. Upon receipt, the CGEE will update your SEVIS record, which releases your record to the new school on a specific transfer release date.

Please note:

  • Students in F-1 student status can have only one record in SEVIS. Only one school at a time can access a student’s record.
  • If you are applying to more than one school, you must wait until you’ve selected the ONE school of enrollment to submit this form.
  • The transfer release date will be at the end of the current term or semester (or OPT/CPT).
  • To transfer to another school, you must be in valid status and have maintained F-1.
  • This procedure is ony for the release of your SEVIS record to the transfer school. You must complete the transfer procedure by reporting to and registering at your new school.
  • Your new school may require a transfer form to be signed by the CGEE Assistant Director as well.

Please read and check the box below: I authorize Radford University to update my SEVIS record for a transfer out, and to release my SEVIS record to the above named school. I am aware this transfer process will prohibit Radford University from accessing my SEVIS records or processing any immigration benefits on my behalf. I understand that I may not work on-campus at Radford University after my records are released. I attest the information provided is true and valid, as documented.

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