The Intensive English Program is a comprehensive program which includes the following courses: reading, grammar, writing, listening/speaking, and American culture. These five courses are equivalent to 20 hours of in-class studying per week. Upon arrival to campus, students take a placement exam that assesses which IEP courses they will take.

As part of the American culture course, students are encouraged to participate in university events and clubs to encourage involvement in campus life. Also, students participate in frequent field trips and service learning opportunities to expand their understanding of American culture, the English language, and global citizenship. As part of the Listening/Speaking course, students have the chance to visit undergraduate classes in order to self-assess their language readiness for undergraduate studies.

Placement and Progression

Depending on placement exam results after arrival to campus, a student is placed in the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. Before progressing to the next level, students must satisfactorily pass their courses. In addition, two other key items for consideration when promoting a student to the next level is the student’s writing samples and class attendance. 

When students meet all of the necessary requirements for completion of the Intensive English program, they are given a certificate of completion and considered for admission into academic studies at Radford University. Students do not need to take any English proficiency exams.

Beginner Courses

  • American Culture I
  • Writing and Grammar I
  • Reading and Vocabulary I
  • Speaking and Listening I

Intermediate Courses

  • American Culture II
  • Writing and Grammar II
  • Reading and Vocabulary II
  • Speaking and Listening II

Advanced Courses

  • American Culture III
  • Writing and Grammar III
  • Reading and Vocabulary III
  • Speaking and Listening III