Transfer Students

Most college-administered financial aid programs are not transferable from one college or university to another. However, Federal Pell Grants and some state scholarships and loan programs may be transferred. Students planning to transfer should contact their current college financial aid officer for details at least a semester before they plan to leave. Students who have had a Federal Perkins Loan or Federal Direct Loans must complete an exit interview with their financial aid office before leaving.

Radford University requires that entering transfer students observe the normal application process. Mid-year transfers anticipating their move should follow the standard application procedure. Transfer students can use the following check list as a reference to ensure they are on track for receiving financial aid at Radford University. 

  1. Make sure that Radford University's institution code (003732) is included on the FAFSA when it is filed.
    1. If your FAFSA has already been filed, you can submit an electronic correction by accessing your submitted FAFSA. (link to FAFSA website) or you may add RU by using the Student Aid Report. If you have a Student Aid Report, you may make a copy of the form and mail it to the RU Financial Aid Office.
    2. Make sure that this is done at least eight weeks before you plan to enroll at RU. To meet RU's priority financial aid filing date, you will need to apply (and be admitted to RU) before Dec. 1 prior to the award year.
  2. File all appropriate forms to gain admission to RU
        The RU Financial Aid Office cannot begin processing on your application until you have been admitted.

  3. Contact the financial aid office at the school that you are attending.
    1. If financial aid has been awarded to you at the school for the semester that you will be coming to RU, you will need to have it canceled. Discuss how to complete any exit interview requirements for loans that you received at the previous school.
    2. Request a letter signed by the financial aid counselor at your current school that your aid has been cancelled for the upcoming semester.
  4. Monitor your application process using OneCampus, the Radford University portal