Transfer Students

We are excited that you are continuing your education at Radford University.  The following information is provided to help you through the enrollment process as you transition from one school to the next.

Radford University requires that transfer students complete the normal application process. Regardless of the semester you plan to enroll transfers should follow the standard application process and can use the following check list as a reference to ensure they are on track for receiving financial aid at Radford University.  The Financial Aid Office will not begin processing your FAFSA until you have completed the admissions process.

  1. Make sure that Radford University's institution code (003732) is included on the FAFSA when it is filed. 
  • If your FAFSA has already been filed, you can submit an electronic correction by accessing your submitted FAFSA
  • Make sure that this is done by the priority deadline for the term you plan to enroll.
    • For student's starting in a fall semester, you should file your FAFSA by the priority deadline of February 1st. 
  • For student's starting a spring semester, you should file your FAFSA by the priority deadline of December 1st.

2. Contact the financial aid office at the school that you are attending.

  • If financial aid has been awarded to you at the school for the semester that you will be coming to RU, you will need to have it canceled. Discuss how to complete any exit interview requirements for loans that you received at the previous school.
  • Request a letter signed by the financial aid counselor at your current school that your aid has been cancelled for the upcoming semester.

3. Monitor your application process using OneCampus, the Radford University portal