Refund Processing

Once all funds have credited your account, if there is a credit balance remaining on your student account after all University charges have been paid, these funds will be reimbursed to you after the start of the semester. 

Students may request to have any excess loan proceeds automatically deposited into their personal checking or savings accounts through the direct deposit program.  Students must complete a direct deposit form and supply a voided check to the student accounts office.  Student accounts requires 3-5 business days (based on the time of the academic year) to complete a direct deposit setup, so you should plan accordingly.

Students who do not provide permission to deposit excess loan proceeds into their personal checking or savings account will be issued a refund check for the excess funds on their account. A refund check will be sent to the student within two weeks of the funds being applied to their account.

For the full refund processing cycle please review the information provided by the Office of the Bursar.