Bookstore Voucher

If a student is due a financial aid refund, they may request a bookstore voucher to purchase their books, at the on-campus bookstore, prior to the start of the semester.   All bookstore voucher requests can be completed online in OneCampus.  Simply log on to OneCampus and search Bookstore Voucher.  

Students may request up to $600/semester in a bookstore voucher to assist with the purchase of books.  The bookstore voucher request will provide you with the maximum amount that you are eligible to request each semester.

If you are approved for a bookstore voucher you can begin using the voucher the Monday before the start of the semester.  You will simply need to provide your RU ID at the time you checkout at the Campus Bookstore to use your voucher as a form of payment.

You are eligible to use your bookstore voucher for three weeks after the start of the semester.  Once the deadline for using vouchers has passed any unused portion will be refunded to you.