Summer Financial Aid

Students who are interested in Summer Financial Aid should enroll in all summer courses by April 1, 2023 for priority consideration.  Enrolling by the priority date means that you will be reviewed for available aid before Summer classes begin. 

We will continue to review students who register after April 1st, but students will be expected to make payment arrangements prior to the bill deadline.  We cannot guarantee that your application will be reviewed prior to the bill deadline.

Students who will be applying for Private Education loans, Graduate PLUS loans or have parents applying for Parent PLUS loans should have all applications submitted prior to April 29th.  Loan applications submitted by April 29th will be reflected on the bill to assist with the deferment of summer charges.  Loan application submitted after April 29th will be processed in the order they are received, but we cannot guarantee that they will be posted prior to the bill deadline.

Summer Aid Requirements

  • Part-time Summer course enrollment or higher at Radford University

(Undergraduate students – at least 6 credit hours, Graduate students –  at least 3 credit hours)

*The total amount of credit hours across all summer sessions

  • FAFSA for current school year must be completed and finalized

(If your FAFSA is fully processed, it will appear as a satisfied requirement in OneCampus.  Financial Aid Requirements -> *select current aid award year*)

Summer Aid Conditions

Satisfactory Academic Progress will be checked after spring semester grades are posted (for students enrolled at Radford University).  If summer financial aid is awarded to a student who has not made satisfactory progress after spring grades are reviewed, their financial aid will be canceled.

Summer aid eligibility cannot be determined until you are registered for the minimum credit hours listed above.  

How Summer Aid is Awarded

With the aid awarding strategies utilized for Fall/Spring terms of an academic year, limited federal funds are available during the summer.  If a student has any federal aid eligibility, it will normally be through the Federal Direct Loan program or the Pell grant program.  Students may only borrow Federal Direct loan funds if they have remaining eligibility from the prior fall and spring semester, based on their academic class standing.

Eligible students can utilize additional Pell Grant aid to help pay towards Summer course costs.  If you were awarded Pell Grant aid, during the aid award year and remain Pell Grant eligible, up to 50% of your initial awarded, can be awarded for summer.  At the time your summer application is reviewed, we will determine your summer Pell Grant eligibility.

Summer Aid Application Steps

Step 1: Register for Summer Courses


Once you are aware which summer courses you are taking, please register for them as early as possible.

*If Summer Course enrollment changes, post application submission, please complete a Change of Hours form.

Course Registration Information

Registration Info

Step 2: Conduct Quick FAFSA Check


You can check your OneCampus app -> Financial Aid Requirements, to ensure a FAFSA is on file, for the current award year.  The status of the item will be "S."

If you are entering your degree program in the summer, please also check your current FAFSA, to ensure you added Radford University to your list of schools.  Radford University School Code: 003732

*Especially if beginning Graduate School.

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