Supervisor Information

Advertising Open Positions

All student employment opportunities will be listed under the university's Handshake app through OneCampus.  Once you have logged into the Handshake app you will be able to place your advertisement for open positions, check status of posted positions, and retrieve applications from advertisement.    

Priority for all positions is given to students who file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and have financial need.

The Hiring Process

  1. Supervisor requests to have student's eligibility confirmed.
  2. Financial Aid Office confirms student eligibility and initiates student placement.
  3. Student completes the I-9 process with the Department of Human Resources
  4. Financial aid office is notified when the I-9 is completed and issues employment contract so the student can begin work.
  5. Supervisor returns a copy of signed work study contract returned to Financial Aid office.

Request to Hire a Student

If you would like to have a student's eligiblity reviewed for an open position in your office please submit the Student Employee Request form.  You will receive a response on the student's eligibility via email.

Job Description & Employment Standards

Each department that hires student employees has different job responsibilities and expectations for the employees.  It is the responsibility of the supervisor to provide the student with a job description for the position they are being offered.  Additionally, the supervisor should communicate the work standard that will be expected from all employees.  We recommend that minimally you provide a formalized list of work expectations and guidelines that is given to each student. If you are able an orientation meeting could provide beneficial information and training appropriate to their student employment position, you could explain the "do's" and "do not's" of the job as well as what procedures are to be followed when illness or other reasons keep a student away from daily work assignments.

Submission of I-9 Forms

All new student employees are required to submit a completed I-9 form to the Financial Aid office before they will be issued a contract or considered eligible to work.  Supervisors must work with the new student workers to submit the completed I-9 form to the Financial Aid Office.  Any students who do not work consecutive academic years will be required to submit a new I-9 form.

Due to new regulatory requirements the a copy of the documents that are used to complete the I-9 form should be submitted with the I-9 form.  Supervisors will be required to make a copy of both documents used while completing the I-9 and submit them to the Financial Aid Office with the original I-9 form.

International students will need to have their I-9 form completed by the University's International Tax Manager to ensure the student is eligible for employment.

Student Employment Contracts

The financial aid office will issue a contract for all student's who have met the employment criteria.  The employment contract will outline the dates of employment, the number of hours and the total dollar amount the student is eligible to earn.  Students and supervisors will need to sign and return a copy of the contract to the financial aid office.

It is the supervisor's responsibility to monitor the number of hours worked by each employee.  If a student works more than the awarded number of hours the department can be held responsible for paying their wages.

Review & Approval of Student Timecards

Student timecards are due by 10 a.m. on the Monday following the end of the pay period.  As a supervisor you should review and approve all submitted timecards by 5 p.m. on Monday.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  If the students time is not submitted or approved by the deadlines then the student will not be paid until the next pay period.

If you would like to download and review instructions for reviewing and approving time, you may review the Supervisor Presentation (PPT) or the Student Time Entry Presentation (PPT) to assist in training your employees.

Student Worker Evaluations

Before a student's employment ends supervisors should complete a Student Worker Evaluation and discuss their evaluation of the employees performance with the employee.  These evaluations should then be submitted to the financial aid office.  If a prospective employer inquires regarding a student employees performance these evaluations may be used as a reference.

Terminating Employment

Termination of student employment may occur for several reasons. Students may resign, a supervisor may recommend termination, or the financial aid office may terminate employment when a student has reached the maximum work award.

If a supervisor feels a student has not performed the job as required, has been excessively absent, or is not abiding by the terms of employment the supervisor may request termination of a student's employment. Supervisors should recommend termination only after discussing the employment issue with the student and providing the student warning and an opportunity to correct the issue.

If a student is terminated the supervisor should have the student submit any hours worked to the supervisor for approval prior to the last day of employment.  The supervisor should communicate the termination with the Financial Aid Office immediately by submitting the Student Termination Form so the position can be processed appropriately.

Policies Relating to Student Employees

Confidentiality of Records
Students employment positions that have access to student records must understand the sensitive and high confidential nature of these records.  Supervisors should communicate that all information contained in student records is strictly confidential and any breach of confidentiality will result in termination of employment. 

Students with access to the university system will be required to complete paperwork and training certifying that they understand the confidential nature of their position.

Drug and Alcohol Policy
All university employees, full time and student employees alike must comply with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.  Additionally there are two drug and alcohol related policies that all employees must abide by, the Commonwealth of Virginia has developed a Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs as well as the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments as set forth for all universities that receive federal financial aid funds.  The human resources website contains the full Drug and Alcohol policy for all University employees.

Falsification of Hours
Students are expected to accurately record and report the hours they work in their student employment position for each pay period.  Students who falsify hours reported on their timesheets (or the hours of a co-worker) is guilty of a Honor Code violation according to the Radford University Student Conduct Code.  If a student is found to be falsifying hours their position will be terminated and they will not be eligible for future employment in the student employment program.

Accidents/Injuries During Work Hours
All student employees are covered Radford University's Worker Compensation plan during periods of employment.  If a student employee is injured while working it is important that the incident is reported according to the standards set forth in the Human Resource Worker's Compensation policy.