Student Information

The Hiring Process

  1. Student applies for open positions using the information provided on the student employment opportunities page.
  2. Supervisor sends request to begin student employment process with the financial aid office
  3. If approved, the student submits required pre-employment paperwork
  4. Financial aid completes placement process once all paperwork is received and contract is issued
  5. Student and supervisor sign employment contract and return to the financial aid office

Submission of I-9 Forms

All new student employees are required to submit a completed I-9 form to the Department of Human Resources before they will be issued a contract or considered eligible to work.  Students will be notified by the Department of Human Resources on what is required to complete the I-9 process.  The Office of Financial Aid cannot make exceptions to the paperwork that is required to complete the I-9 process.  Any students who do not work consecutive academic years will be required to submit a new I-9 form.

International students will need to have their I-9 form completed by the University's International Tax Manager to ensure the student is eligible for employment.

Completion of Income Tax Withholding Statements

Student employees are required to fill out the W-4 and VA-4 tax forms.  Students should send the completed forms to the Payroll Office - Campus Box 6906. Student employees of Radford University will receive a W-2 reflecting their total wages and tax withholdings for the calendar year. Work supervisors will assist student workers in completing the W-4's or VA-4's. Any questions regarding the completion of the forms should be directed to the Payroll Office.

International students should be referred to our International Tax Manager in Preston Hall to complete all tax forms.

Student Employment Contracts

The financial aid office will issue a contract for all student's who have met the employment criteria.  The employment contract will outline the dates of employment, the number of hours and the, the hourly wage, and the total dollar amount the student is eligible to earn.  Students and supervisors will need to sign and return a copy of the contract to the financial aid office.

It is the supervisor's responsibility to monitor the number of hours worked by each employee.  If a student works more than the awarded number of hours the department can be held responsible for paying their wages.

Submission of Online Timesheets

For new student employees, your supervisor will work with you to complete and submit your timesheet for the first pay period.  If you have any questions on how to complete this process, you may review the Student Employee Time Entry Presentation (PPT).

As outlined in the payroll calendar, each pay period ends on a Friday and timesheets must be submitted to your supervisor by 10 a.m. the following Monday.  If you do not submit your timesheet to your supervisor by the 10 a.m. deadline you will not be paid on the defined pay date.  You will have to work with your supervisor to have your time worked submitted to the payroll office and you will be paid on the following pay day.

If you will not work on the last day(s) of the pay period you may submit your timesheet to your supervisor on your last day worked for each pay period.

Policies Relating to Student Employees

Confidentiality of Records
Student employment positions that have access to student records must understand the sensitive and high confidential nature of these records.  Supervisors should communicate that all information contained in student records is strictly confidential and any breach of confidentiality will result in termination of employment. 

Students with access to the university system will be required to complete paperwork and training certifying that they understand the confidential nature of their position.

Drug and Alcohol Policy
All university employees, full time and student employees alike must comply with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.  Additionally there are two drug and alcohol related policies that all employees must abide by, the Commonwealth of Virginia has developed a Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs as well as the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments as set forth for all universities that receive federal financial aid funds.  The human resources website contains the full Drug and Alcohol Policy for all University employees.

Falsification of Hours
Students are expected to accurately record and report the hours they work in their student employment position for each pay period.  Students who falsify hours reported on their timesheets (or the hours of a co-worker) is guilty of a Honor Code violation according to the Radford University Student Conduct Code.  If a student is found to be falsifying hours their position will be terminated and they will not be eligible for future employment in the student employment program.

Accidents/Injuries During Work Hours
All student employees are covered Radford University's Worker Compensation plan during periods of employment.  If a student employee is injured while working it is important that the incident is reported according to the standards set forth in the Human Resource Worker's Compensation policy.