Student Employment

The Student Employment Program at Radford University offers a valuable experience for students.  Students work on campus twelve hours per week.  For the 2020 - 2021 academic year, students will earn $7.25 per hour and can work a total of 180 hours per semester or 360 hours per academic year.

Work study positions are offered to students who establish need through the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  However, positions are available to any student after the first week of classes Fall semester.  Students who establish need are given first priority for any positions that may be available.

Students learn valuable skills that will help them become excellent employees.  Student employment allows students to  meet and work with staff, faculty, and administrators across campus.  Students become an integral part of the university community.  The student employment experience can help build an excellent  resume.

Some of the work positions are part of our community service project.  Students in these positions support the university's service to the community and in some cases include tutoring  local children.

Students who are interested in working on the student employment program should file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid by December 1 prior to the academic year. 

If the student is eligible, student employment will be one of the awards offered to the student on their award notification.  Students may begin contacting department supervisors on or after June 15 for the Fall and Spring semester.  Open student employment positions will be listed on the Career Services Handshake page.