Foundation Important Information & Policies

Important Information & Policies

·         Although every effort is made to present the most accurate information, information provided herein is subject to change due to federal, state, university funding and policy or law.

·         Please note that to be considered for scholarships that require demonstrated financial need as a part of the criteria (qualifications) you must have a valid FAFSA through the Financial Aid Office.

·         Qualifying for a scholarship does not guarantee a student will receive a scholarship. Students’ applications will be reviewed by the scholarship committees that are charged with identifying the most qualified student or students based on the criteria of the scholarship.

   ·         Some scholarships may be renewable, however, the university is not required to renew most Foundation Scholarships for a future academic year. Foundation Scholarships which require students to reapply, place the previous year’s recipient (if he or she re-applies) in a pool of applicants to be considered. Faculty will select the most qualified student or students.

·         Scholarships are awarded each academic year and the funds are disbursed across the academic year with 50% of the award paid in the fall semester and 50% paid in the spring semester.

·         (For either full or part-time students) total scholarship awards cannot exceed the cost of attendance. On the rare occasion that the cost of attendance is exceeded, the university reserves the right to reduce the student’s scholarship, even after the award notification has already been sent.

·         A Foundation Scholarship may cause the recipient’s other aid to be adjusted.

·         If it is found that a student no longer meets the scholarship eligibility; e.g. major change, student’s GPA falls below the required criteria, student has a conduct violation, etc., the student’s scholarship(s) may be revoked. Students may view scholarship opportunities and their criteria at

·         All scholarships are subject to the availability of funds and may not be awarded each year depending on the current economic condition.

·         Most scholarship recipients will receive one Foundation Scholarship; however, scholarship committees may be compelled to award the most outstanding scholarship applicants more than one scholarship. Our goal is to assist as many students as possible, while adhering to the donor’s wishes.