Student Rights and Responsibilities

As a recipient of state or federal aid, each student has certain rights and responsibilities. Knowing what they are will put you in a better position to make decisions about your educational goals and how they can best be achieved. If at any time, you have questions about financial aid, you should contact the Financial Aid Office.

As an aid recipient you are responsible for:

Submitting honest and accurate information concerning enrollment and family financial circumstances. Full-time status is assumed (12 semester hours undergraduate; 6 hours for graduate students) unless indicated otherwise;

  • Reporting a change to less than full-time enrollment during the award period;
  • Reporting a change in dependency and/or marital status.
  • Signing a statement of educational purpose/registration compliance stating that student assistance will be used solely for expenses related to attendance at Radford University;
  • Sending all information requested to the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible;
  • Adhering to all agreements signed in the course of applying for and receiving financial assistance;
  • Promptly reporting to the Financial Aid Office the receipt of scholarships, grants, awards, or loans that you will be receiving and that are not listed on your award notification;
  • Becoming familiar with the deadlines for applications, the terms of your financial aid and refund policies for student who withdraw;  
  • Performing any student employment in a satisfactory manner;
  •  Repayment of any over-awarded grant, scholarship or loan monies; and
  •  Knowing the loan repayment responsibilities and abiding by the terms of the promissory note;