Understanding Your EFC

What does EFC mean?

EFC is your Expected Family Contribution - or the amount that it is estimated that your family can pay towards the cost of your education for the upcoming academic year. 

How is my EFC calculated?

Your EFC is calculated by the Central Processing System (CPS) responsible for all FAFSA applications.  The CPS uses all the data submitted on the FAFSA to determine your EFC.  The formula is determined by federal legislation that takes into consideration family income, assets, the number of family members, etc.

What does Radford do with my EFC?

Your EFC helps Radford determine your eligibility for financial aid award programs.  There are federal, state and institutional regulations and policies that govern what award programs a student may be eligible for and many of these are goverened by EFC maximums.  When Radford receives your FAFSA with a valid EFC, we review your application and determine what award programs students are eligible for.