Meet the Financial Aid Team

Allison Pratt     Interim Director of Financial Aid
Karen Hedge     Associate Director of Financial Aid Programs & Operations
Jessica Stone     Assistant Director Financial Aid Systems
Natalie Byrd     Assistant Director of Client Services & Student Employment
(Q-R, W-Z Counselor)
Patricia Whittaker          Financial Aid Coordinator/Pell Grant Coordinator
(H-L Counselor)
Shaunda Macomber     Financial Aid Coordinator/Student Eligibility Coordinator
(M-P Counselor)
Teresa Mabry     Financial Aid Coordinator/Scholarships, Grants & Benefits Coordinator
(S-V Counselor)
Michael Barker     Financial Aid Coordinator/NCAA Coordinator
(A-C Counselor)
Chelsea McCreight     Financial Aid Coordinator/State & Federal Grant Coordinator
(D-G Counselor)
tbd     Student & Parent Loan Program Coordinator
Barbie Seidemann     Student & Parent Loan Program Assistant
Erica Lee     Campus Loan Coordinator
tbd     Document File Manager
Cherie Durbin     Foundation Scholarship Coordinator
Debra Johnson     Financial Aid Services Manager (RUC FinAid)
Kirsten Basham     Financial Aid Coordinator (RUC FinAid)
Adonna Brooks     Administrative Assistant (RUC FinAid)