Meet the Financial Aid Team

Barbara Porter             

Director of Financial Aid

Karen Hedge               

Associate Director of Financial Aid Programs & Operations

Jessica Stone               

Assistant Director Financial Aid Systems

Natalie Byrd                 

Assistant Director of Client Services & Student Employment
(Q-R, W-Z Counselor)

Danielle Harlow Duncan            

Student & Parent Loan Program Coordinator

Erica Lee               

Campus Loan Coordinator

Barbie Seidemann           

Student & Parent Loan Program Assistant

Crystal Keene         

State & Federal Financial Aid Program Coordinator
(D-G Counselor)

Teresa Mabry             

Scholarships, Grants, and Benefits Coordinator
(S-V Counselor)

Patricia Whittaker                      

Federal Eligibility Administrator/Pell Grant Coordinator
(H-L Counselor)

Kirsten Basham               

Document File Manager

Shaunda Macomber       

Student Eligibility Coordinator
(M-P Counselor)

Tavis Mann           

NCAA Coordinator
(A-C Counselor)


Office Manager & Assistant Counselor

Cherie Durbin               

Foundation Scholarship Coordinator