Graduate Students

The most important investment you can make is in your own future. That is why you are considering Radford University for your graduate work.  We understand your commitment to yourself and the financial obligations that often come with earning your master's degree or doctorate. The purpose of this web page is to acquaint you with the financial programs available to our graduate students through the financial aid office. Also included in information regarding other types of graduate assistance that Radford University offers through various departments on our campus. We encourage you to study this information carefully because it is important that you understand the programs for which you are applying. We also ask you to note that, because financial aid programs are regulated by a variety of federal and state agencies, changes in the laws may alter the guidelines governing financial aid assistance.

As a graduate student you should know...

You are considered to be an independent student for financial aid purposes.  This means that when you complete the FAFSA your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) is based solely on your financial information, as stated in Higher Education Amendments of 1992.

Grant and scholarship opportunities for graduate students are not as plentiful as they can be for undergraduates, but opportunities do exist.  Please review the information provided in graduate financial aid programs to learn more about the various programs.

To be eligible to receive any federal financial aid program assistance you must be enrolled in at least five hours per semester.  If at any point you are not enrolled for at least five hours you can become ineligible for aid in future semesters.

We are unable to process financial aid applications for students that are admitted on a temporary status.  Once a student reaches a conditional admission status we can review their FAFSA and process the application.

Full-time graduate students are also eligible for consideration for graduate assistantships or fellowships.