2020 Radford Highlanders Festival Canceled

The Radford Highlanders Festival Committee has announced the cancellation of the 24th Radford Highlanders Festival that was scheduled for October 10, 2020 on the campus of Radford University.  The decision to cancel was made out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of the campus, community, festival participants and visitors to the City of Radford and region.

Thank you for your support of the Radford Highlanders Festival and we hope to see you in 2021!

The Radford Highlanders Festival is a partnership between the City of Radford and Radford University.


About the Highlanders Festival

The Radford Highlanders Festival has grown into one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region.

The festival began in the mid-1990s with an approximate crowd of 3,000. Over the past 20 years, the festival has more than tripled in size, and now attracts an estimated crowd of 10,000 people. Whether a family’s background is of Scots-Irish origin or of other descent, the day always brings with it an air of excitement and anticipation. There is no place more beautiful than Southwest Virginia in autumn and the Blue Ridge Mountains provide a beautiful back-drop for the fall festival.



Highlanders Festival Music

Each year, the Radford Highlanders Festival brings in several musical acts for your listening pleasure!



Dubbed by The Washington Post as "DC's most energetic and eclectic band" Scythian (sith-ee-yin) belts out a high-energy, adrenaline-peddling, interactive brand of music with one goal in mind; to get people on their feet and dancing.



While CrossBow can be heard at music festivals and Irish pubs across the Midwest, much of the thrill in experiencing a CrossBow performance actually transcends the music itself.

Clan and Society Information


The Clan is a concept which dates back to the 12th century, which were extended networks of families who had loyalties to a particular chief. The word clan is derived from the Gaelic 'clann', meaning children.

Today, the Radford Highlanders Festival provides descendants of area clans and society's an opportunity to register and proudly showcase their family's heritage, as well as delight lovers of all ages with heavyweight games, music, entertainment, food and Celtic fun.  



Vendor Information



The lawn of Moffett quad will turn into an open-air extravaganza featuring artists, vendors, craftspeople and community organizations. Start holiday shopping early or treat yourself to something special from one of the many vendors with a diverse and interesting set of clothing, accessories, jewelry and crafts.

The day is also a great feast, with assorted foods offered by vendors. Enjoy authentic Scottish fare, classic festival food or American classics, such as pizza and burgers. Savor the delicious food all while marveling at the power of the Scottish athletes participating in the heavyweight games.

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Thanks! We hope to see you in 2021!