Appeals/Grievances Procecures

Section 1.8 of the Teaching and Research Handbook describes an appeal process "for faculty who allege they have suffered direct material, professional injury as a result of recommendations or decisions related to evaluation, reappointment, tenure, or promotion."  The procedure for faculty appeals is outlined in the Teaching and Research Handbook. 

Faculty Appeals Committee Membership for 2021-2022

College Member
CEHD  Kristan Morrison
CEHD  Darren Minarik
CHBS Stephen Owen
CHBS Eric Du Plessis
CHBS Laura Vernon
DCOBE Douglas Brinckman
ACSAT Andrew Ray, Chair
ACSAT Parvinder Sethi
CVPA James Robey
WCHHS Judith Malek-Ismail
CEHD-Alternate  Joshua Carroll
CHBS-Alternate Johnny Moore
DCOBE-Alternate Andrea Stanaland
 ACSAT-Alternate Christine Hermann
CVPA-Alternate Tammy Robinson
WCHHS-Alternate Diane Hodge

Faculty Grievance Committee Membership 2021-2022

College Member
CEHD Pam Frasier
CEHD Boyoung Park
CHBS Richard Van Noy (Secretary)
CHBS John Brummette (Chair)
CHBS Dan Woods
DCOBE Dale Henderson (Vice Chair)
ACSAT Ian Barland
ACSAT Charles Manyara
CVPA Wesley Young
WCHHS Deneen Evans
CEHD-Alternate James Newman
DCOBE-Alternate Sumati Srinivas
CVPA-Alternate Tammy Robinson
CHBS-Alternate Lori Elis
ACSAT-Alternate Agida Manizade
WCHHS-Alternate Matthias Naleppa