Appeals/Grievances Procedures

Section 1.8 of the Teaching and Research Faculty Handbook describes an appeal process "for faculty who allege they have suffered direct material, professional injury as a result of recommendations or decisions related to evaluation, reappointment, tenure, or promotion."  

Section 1.9 of the Teaching and Research Faculty Handbook describes a grievance process for faculty complaints "regarding an employment matter directly and adversely affecting the professional well-being of a member or members of the teaching and research faculty, which is not related to evaluation, reappointment, tenure, or promotion, and is not covered by other University policies, procedures or regulations."

The links for faculty appeals and faculty grievance procedures can be found below.

Faculty Appeals Committee Membership for 2022-2023

Procedures for Faculty Appeals

CEHD Kristan Morrison
CEHD Darren Minarik
CHBSStephen Owen
CHBSJoanna Hunter
CHBSLaura Vernon
DCOBEDouglas Brinckman
ACSATAndrew Ray, Chair
ACSATParvinder Sethi
CVPAJoan Dickenson
WCHHSAdrian Aron
CEHD-Alternate Joshua Carroll
CHBS-AlternateRiane Bolin
DCOBE-AlternateAndrea Stanaland
ACSAT-AlternateChristine Hermann
CVPA-AlternateTammy Robinson
WCHHS-AlternateDiane Hodge

Faculty Grievance Committee Membership 2022-2023

Procedures for Faculty Grievance

CEHDPam Frasier
CEHDBoyoung Park
CHBSRichard Van Noy (Secretary)
CHBSLori Ellis
CHBSDan Woods, Chair
DCOBEDale Henderson
DCOBEJane Machin
ACSATIan Barland
ACSATCharles Manyara
CVPARobyn Berg
WCHHSSheila Krajnik
CEHD-AlternateJames Newman
DCOBE-AlternateSumati Srinivas
CVPA-AlternateTammy Robinson
CHBS-AlternateJohn Brumette
ACSAT-AlternateAgida Manizade
WCHHS-AlternateMatthias Naleppa