Safety Policy

1.  Radford University will comply with applicable federal, state, and local environmental health and safety regulations including those adopted by VOSH, EPA, NRC, DOT and the State Fire Marshal's Office. As guidance, the university will refer to the codes of the National Fire Protection Association and American National Standards Institute.

2.  Chairpersons, directors, and supervisors have the primary responsibility to ensure that activities under their control comply with health and safety regulations adopted by the university.

3.  The Safety Office shall act as advisor to the university community in all aspects of environmental health and safety. The Safety Office will oversee the environmental health and safety program and ensure that all activities are conducted according to established policies. The Director of Facilities Planning & Construction will provide a qualified Safety Manager to administer the safety program at the university.

4.  The Safety Office shall have the authority and responsibility to stop any activity that presents an imminent hazard to university personnel, property, or the environment.

5.  The Safety Office will maintain required records of accidents and injuries and analyze the data with the goal of preventing accidents.

6.  The Safety Office is responsible for conducting the campus safety training program and for developing an attitude of safety consciousness in the university community.

7.  The Safety Office will review and/or investigate all accidents and near-misses, with the purpose of preventing recurrences, and institute corrective actions with the cooperation of supervision.

8.  The Safety Office shall inspect, on a regular schedule, all university facilities to ensure compliance with applicable health and safety regulations.

9.  The Safety Office will develop appropriate written rules, procedures, and safety manuals to ensure safe and healthful work practices.

10.  All employees will report any injury, however slight, to their supervisor. Supervisors will complete the "First Report of Injury" form and submit this form to the Department of Human Resources.

11.  All equipment and chemicals purchased, acquired or disposed of by any department will comply with applicable occupational safety and health requirements and environmental regulations.

12.  It is the responsibility of every member of the university community to comply with all health and safety standards adopted by the university. Employees who repeatedly violate health and safety requirements will be disciplined in a progressive manner leading to possible dismissal.

13.  Employees and students are encouraged to actively participate in the safety program by helping supervisors identify, control, and eliminate deficiencies in health and safety practices.  Employees and students may bring health and safety concerns to the attention of the Safety Office without fear of reprisals.

14.  Off-duty employees will not use university equipment, tools, machinery, vehicles, or other university property that is a known or clearly suspected occupational health and safety risk, unless permission has been obtained from supervision.

15.  Departments will provide required personal protective equipment at no charge to employees.

16.  The university shall establish appropriate safety committees to encourage compliance with safety rules, develop policies, review accident reports, and recommend corrective actions.