Central Motor Fleet Policy

Issued:   September 2008
Revised: April, 2009

I.   Purpose

Many campus departments at Radford University require the use of motor vehicles from time-to-time, but do not need a vehicle assigned long-term.  Facilities Management maintains a small central motor fleet of trucks, mini-vans, full-sized vans, and moving vans for the needs of these departments.  

Campus departments can also choose to rent a vehicle from Enterprise Rental through the University contract.  

If a campus department or individual requires the use of a vehicle on a long-term basis and can justify this need, the department or individual may qualify for long-term assignment of a vehicle (see separate Long-Term Assignment of Central Motor Fleet Vehicles Policy).

II. Policy

1.    All central motor fleet vehicles are the property of Radford University and managed by the Department of Facilities Management.

2.    Central motor fleet vehicles are to be used for official business only and are not to be used for personal business.

3.    All central motor fleet vehicles shall be parked at a university location at night and on weekends when not in use for official business.

4.    All individuals picking up a central motor fleet vehicle must present a valid driver’s license before the vehicle will be released into his or her possession and must certify that they will be the sole driver of the vehicle or they must provide names of all additional drivers.

5.    The security and operation of the vehicle and the security and return of credit cards issued with the vehicle is the responsibility of the person to whom the vehicle is assigned.

6.    University departments are eligible to use central motor fleet vehicles in conducting official university business.  All official university business travel charges are billed to the approved university department and requests for central motor fleet vehicles must be authorized by the person who has responsibility for the department to be charged.

7.    All requests for the use of central motor fleet vehicles should be made through Facilities Management.  If a scheduled vehicle is not needed, Facilities Management must immediately be contacted at 831-7800.  A cancellation fee may be charged to the department if sufficient notice is not provided in time to reissue the vehicle.

III.   Procedures

Required for Drivers
1.    Authorized operators of central motor fleet vehicles shall be faculty, staff, graduate assistants, and/or students.

2.    Each driver of a central motor fleet vehicle must hold a valid driver’s license and have the license in his/her possession when operating a central motor fleet vehicle.

3.    Drivers of central motor fleet passenger vans with capacities of nine (9) or fewer passengers and a gross vehicle weight of 26,000 or less pounds must meet the following criteria:
a.    Must complete an in-service training session on the safe operation of a passenger van and successfully complete a driving test.

Central Motor Fleet is a unit of the Facilities Management Department located in the Armstrong Building at 501 Stockton Street.

Obtaining a Vehicle
1.    Reservations should be made in advance by authorized department personnel.  You may inquire by phone as to the availability of a central motor fleet vehicle; however, reservations must be made 24 hours before pick-up.  

Reservation requests must include:
a.    Driver name,
b.    Destination,
c.    Departure/return dates and times,
d.    Department name, and
e.    Department code.

After a vehicle is assigned to a person for use on a given day, the person may pick-up the keys and credit card(s) at the Facilities Management front office during normal working hours (Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Summer Hours, Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.).  

If a trip will begin before normal business hours, the keys should be picked up prior to the close of business on the last working day before the trip.  Please advise Facilities Management when early pick-up of the keys is required.

2.    Vehicles should remain parked at the central motor fleet location on weekends when keys are picked up on Friday for trips beginning the following Monday.  Central motor fleet vehicles should not be parked at an individual’s home, unless prior authorization has been approved.

Returning Vehicles
Central motor fleet vehicles should be parked to the south end of the lot in front of Facilities Management upon return from a trip.  Place keys in the drop box at the front entrance of the Armstrong Building.

Gasoline and Other Expenses
1.    Expenditures for gasoline are included in the mileage charge.

2.    All central motor fleet vehicles will be serviced at the gas tanks located on- campus by central motor fleet personnel only.

3.    Any purchase of fuel off-campus will be billed to a credit card issued with the vehicle.

4.    When purchasing gas off-campus, the vehicle users must ensure that the receipts reflect the license number of the vehicle, the number of gallons purchased, the price per gallon, vehicle mileage, total cost of the fuel, and signature of the driver.

5.    Self-service pumps should be used when fueling central motor fleet vehicles off-campus.

6.    In the event the vehicle develops mechanical problems, the driver should call Facilities Management at 831-7800 during normal working hours and call the University Police Department at 831-5500 after normal working hours.  A maintenance person will be dispatched to coordinate the repairs.

Reporting of accidents shall be in compliance with all local and state ordinances.  Reporting procedures are detailed on the accident card located in the glove compartment of the vehicle.  The department to which the vehicle is assigned for the trip may be liable for damage costs up to the deductible.

Vehicle Safety Requirements
1.    Every driver and front seat passenger in a central motor fleet or leased vehicle is required to use a seat belt.

2.    Safety requirements make it essential that individuals operating the vehicles also ensure that the vehicle’s weight limits are not exceeded.  Drivers are responsible for the loading of the vehicle and for ensuring that the load is within the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

3.    Smoking in a central motor fleet vehicle is prohibited.

4.    Drivers of central motor fleet vehicles are required to report any malfunctions of the vehicle or its equipment to Facilities Management.  

Vehicle Rates
The central motor fleet vehicle rates are charged on a per mile or daily rate, whichever is greater.  Vehicle rates differ according to the size and type of the vehicle.  Contact Facilities Management at 831-7800 for rental rates and vehicle availability.

Central motor fleet vehicles are limited to trips within a 100 miles radius of campus.  

*There may be a cancellation fee charged if a 24 hour cancellation notice is not given.

For assignment of central motor fleet vehicles on a long-term basis, see the Long Term Assignment of Central Motor Fleet Vehicles Policy.