Enterprise Rates and Restrictions

Effective 5/15/2020

Car Class DailyWeeklyMonthlyOne-Way Daily 
Economy $33.00$165.00$660.00$83.00 
Compact $33.00$165.00$660.00$83.00 
Intermediate $34.75$173.75$695.00$83.00 
Standard $37.50$187.50$750.00$83.00 
Full-Size $37.50$187.50$750.00$83.00 
Minivan $65.00$325.00$1,300.00$65.00 
Standard SUV $62.00$310.00$1,240.00$62.00 
Large SUV $86.00$430.00$1,720.00$86.00 
12 Passenger Van $122.00$610.00$2,440.00N/A 
16' Box Truck
24' Box Truck $88.50$469.50$2,030.00N/A 
Cargo Van $70.00$359.50$1,553.00N/A 
  • Some locations will incur a daily surcharge amount. For example, a rental transaction originating in Richmond, VA will incur a $3.00/day additional surcharge.
  • All box trucks and cargo vans (in most cases) must be rented from the Enterprise Truck Rental located in Roanoke, VA.

Rental Time Periods

  • Daily rentals are on a 24 hour basis.
  • Weekly rates will apply when the consecutive daily rental fee meets or exceeds the weekly rate.  The weekly rate is 5 times the daily rate.
  • For rentals of 24 through 30 consecutive days, the monthly rate will be 4 times the weekly rate.
  • Time periods listed above do not apply to box trucks or cargo vans; see chart.


  • Vehicle classes Economy through 12 Passenger Van come with unlimited mileage, except for one-way rentals as described below.
  • The rates for 16' and 24' Box Trucks do not include any mileage. All mileage for these vehicles will be charged at $0.14/mile. The rates for Cargo Vans include 150 daily miles, 750 weekly miles, or 3,000 monthly miles. All miles over these limits will be charged at $0.14/mile.

One Way Rentals

  • One-way rentals are available at all National brand locations and at Enterprise brand airport locations. One-way daily rates for Economy through Full Size will be a flat rate of $83.00 with unlimited mileage. Minivan, Standard SUV, and Large SUV will incur the one-way daily rate as shown above plus $0.30 per mile.

12/15 Passenger Van Restrictions

  • Enterprise does not permit their passenger vans to travel into Canada. Additionally, the vans do not meet Federal Bus Safety Standards and are not permitted to transport children in the 12th grade or younger, other than family members, for school-related functions.
  • Radford University employees are not permitted to rent 15-passenger vans from Enterprise. All drivers of 12-passenger vans rented from Enterprise or reserved from Facilities Management must have completed the necessary Radford University Van Certification Course and be approved. The Van Certification Course is offered on the Commonwealth of Virginia Learning Center (https://covlc.virginia.gov); be sure to email your certificate to the Environmental Health and Safety Office once you complete the training.
  • Although the vans are rated for 12 or 15 passengers, the number of passengers is limited to ten (10) including the driver.

Fuel Cost

  • All Vehicles must be returned with a full tank of fuel.