Car Rental FAQs

Q. Who do I use when I need to rent a vehicle?

A. Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental are the preferred providers for Radford University. It is
recommended that Enterprise be utilized for all rentals originating locally (in Virginia, excluding
Northern VA) and National be utilized for all destination rentals (airport rentals outside of VA).

Q. How do I reserve a rental?

A. Reservations should be made utilizing the Online Reservation System, which can be accessed through the MyRU portal.  Employees are encouraged to call the local Enterprise branch at (540) 731-3028 to make reservations that have special circumstances (rentals beginning or ending on a weekend, rentals partially paid by the University and partially paid by the renter, etc.) to ensure the lowest cost is extended to the University.

Q. Can the rental be billed to Radford University?

A. Enterprise and National provide billing for all official Radford University travel. Simply select the
“Direct Bill” link for the appropriate brand. You will be required to enter a Banner PO# and
Banner Organization code or Fund code (for grant funding).

Q. Do I need to purchase any additional coverage when renting?

A. Damage Waiver is included in the rate when utilizing the Radford University contract with Enterprise/National.
Liability coverage is provided through the University. If you would like additional information, please contact RU Risk Management.  Roadside Assistance Protection (RAP) can be purchased for $3.99/day for Enterprise rentals and $4.99/day for National rentals. (Prices subject to change.)  RAP covers replacement of lost keys, flat tire service, lockout service, jump-starts, and fuel delivery services.  RAP must be paid for by the employee, not the University.

Q. Can the rental be delivered?

A. Enterprise only offers local delivery to the Armstrong Complex and to Admissions. When reserving the
vehicle online, select Radford University as the pickup location. You will be prompted to select whether you want
the car delivered to the locations listed above or if you plan to pick up the vehicle at the Enterprise branch location.

Q. Does Enterprise offer 12/15 passenger vans?

A. Radford University employees are not permitted to rent 15-passenger vans from Enterprise.  Enterprise offers 12-passenger vans. Due to the limited availability, these vehicles are sometimes not offered through the on-line reservation system. To make a reservation, please call the Radford Enterprise office at (540)-731-3028 at least 2 weeks in advance of the desired reservation.  All drivers of passenger vans must have completed the necessary Radford University Defensive Driving Course and be approved.

Q. Are GPS devices available?

A. GPS devices are available for an additional $10.99/day. Please check with your department to be
sure the additional expense is approved.

Q. I need to leave on my trip before the Enterprise office is open. Can I get the vehicle the day before?

A.  For local rentals beginning Tuesday through Saturday before 7:30 AM, the vehicle can be delivered the prior business day for no additional charge.  For rentals beginning on Monday before 7:30 AM, the vehicle can be delivered on Friday afternoon for an additional charge, which will depend on the length of the rental period.  To avoid any additional charges, plan to pick the vehicle up from an Enterprise branch location. Please contact the Radford Enterprise office directly to make arrangements for all rentals needed before 7:30 AM. (540) 731-3028.

Q. Can I rent a vehicle by the hour for my department?

A. Short-term vehicle renters may want to join the University’s Enterprise CarShare program.

Q. Can I rent a vehicle for personal travel using Radford University's contracted rates?

A. Yes, just select “Customer Pay” when making your reservation.

Q. How can I find the current rental rates?

A. See the Enterprise Rates and Restrictions page or the Online Reservation System.