Enterprise Vehicle Rentals

Radford University maintains a vehicle rental contract with Enterprise/National brands that includes local and national rentals for employees. Facilities Management, located at the Armstrong Complex, serves as a destination for Enterprise rental pickup.

To reserve a vehicle,  please use the Online Reservation System, which can be accessed through the MyRU portal. Rental rates include Damage Waiver coverage. A Banner purchase order number and organization code are required when making a reservation. (If you are using grant funding to pay for your rental, please include the fund code instead of the organization code.)  Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding rentals.

Contact the Radford Enterprise location at (540-731-3028) should you encounter any problems with the online reservation system.

Please be aware of and adhere to the following guidelines when renting vehicles from Enterprise:

    If a rental vehicle is returned to any location other than Facilities Management, located at the Armstrong Complex, it must be returned with a full tank of fuel.

  • For rentals beginning Tuesday through Saturday before 7:30 a.m., the vehicle can be delivered the prior business day for no additional charge.
  • For rentals beginning on Monday before 7:30 AM, the vehicle can be delivered on Friday afternoon for an additional charge. The additional charge depends on the length of the rental period. To avoid any additional charges, plan to pick the vehicle up from an Enterprise branch location in accordance with the departure date.
  • Vehicles may be returned to Facilities Management Saturday after 12:00 PM for no additional charge. If the rental ends between 4:30 PM Friday and 12:00 PM Saturday, the vehicle will need to be returned to an Enterprise branch location to avoid additional charges.
  • Return vehicles to Facilities Management, or an Enterprise branch location, on the day that the trip ends. Do not wait until the next morning or your department may incur additional charges.
  • Options- including GPS systems and Roadside Assistance Protection, are available to renters for business and/or personal charges, be sure that you have prior department approval for any business-related charges. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.
  • When returning the vehicle to Facilities Management or an Enterprise branch location after hours, be sure to place keys in the drop box upon return. Failure to return the keys to the drop box can result in your department incurring additional charges.
  • Make reservations at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that Enterprise can supply the correct class of vehicle.
  • Make 12-passenger van and large SUV reservations at least two weeks in advance to ensure that Enterprise can supply the correct type and quantity of vehicles. Cancellation of 12-passenger van rentals require 48-hour notice or a $50 fee may be charged. All drivers of passenger vans must have completed the necessary Radford University Defensive Driving Course and be approved. See the Enterprise Rates and Restrictions page for more information on renting passenger vans.
  • Short-term vehicle rentals may want to utilize the University’s Enterprise CarShare program.
  • When making reservations, include the mobile number of the actual driver (not the department or office number) so that the driver can be contacted if issues arise.
  • Use these tips to conserve fuel: 1) Select the appropriate size vehicle for your needs, 2) Avoid quick starts or stops, 3) Don’t exceed the speed limit (use cruise control), 4) Remove excess weight from the vehicle, 5) Avoid idling.  Enterprise sometimes offers an upgrade to a larger vehicle for no additional rental fee, expecially if the vehicle class requested is not available. Please be aware that this upgrade can incur higher fuel costs as well as additional mileage costs.

Emergency Road Service 24-hour assistance: Enterprise 1-800-307-6666, National 1-800-367-6767.